When Kurt Busch joined Furniture Row Racing for the 2013 season, a lot of people didn’t know what to expect. After a season that saw the single-car team make the Chase, Busch proved that Furniture Row is the little team that can.

“All the different size tracks it has been an amazing feeling to do it out of a little shop in Colorado and to go up against these big dogs,” Busch commented of his season. “The team was ready, I was ready for it.  The season didn’t start the way we wanted to.  I think we were as far back at 29th in points but then our turnaround was at Darlington when we sat on the pole.  From there, what is the date on Darlington? Middle of April, it has been a good run.  Very satisfied with it and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

They didn’t have the Chase that they wanted but Busch says that their sole responsibility as they tried some things and realized that they made a mistake.

“I wrecked my primary car in practice,” Busch told the story. “We were waffling around about 21st in practice on the chart.  We brought our back-up out.  Immediately we were 18th which was a fuzz better than that car, but then the car raced its way to the front and we finished second.  We weren’t going to finish second with that primary car.  Well the back-up car didn’t have certain things updated on it.  It stared up straight in the face and then we still trudged through a Charlotte and Texas.  We realized we made a mistake at Dover, even Atlanta.  It shows the mile and a half’s we did the wrong thing on.”

Realizing the mistake now rather than later, Busch feels good about that as he says it will benefit Furniture Row next year and he can keep the Stewart-Haas group from steering down that road.

Speaking of Busch’s venture to SHR for 2014, it’ll be interesting to see how well he does.  He will be working with a fresh face in the garage, an engineer turned crew chief. He’ll also be put back into the multi-car platform with teammates – Tony Stewart, Danica Patrick and Kevin Harvick. Given the organization’s 2013 struggles and Stewart coming back from an injury, a lot of unknowns are entering fan’s minds heading into the year.