It wouldn’t be easy but 16-year-old Lane Zardo would hold off Randy Rusnell and Nick Roth to take the victory in the Super Stock feature. It marks the third feature victory of 2012 for the driver of the No. 46 Holmes on Homes and National Exhaust Monte Carlo.

In the first heat, it’d be Herb Walters driving his No. 88 Splashcon. Excavation/Innisfil Machine & Welding Camaro to his fifth heat win of 2012. Nick Roth would finish second, followed by Cayden Lapcevich, Lane Zardo and Mike Weeda.

In the second heat, Donny Beatty would go off the track early with a flat tire after contact with Paul Geniole Jr. Rusnell would go on to take the win in his No. 72 Travis Ind. Maintenance,, Cournoyeas Poodles, Speedy Auto Service Burling, Spira Fire Protection, J&K Converters Ltd, Partimer Signs, Chetty’s Hot Sauce, Brant Transmission and McCordick Glove & Safety Monte Carlo. Shawn Chenoweth would finish second, followed by Paul Maltese, Matt Bentley and Richard Butler.

In the third heat, Nick Roth would win his 11th heat of 2012 behind the wheel of his No. 17 JR Motorsports Camaro. Zardo would finish second, followed by Lapcevich, Phinnemore and Weeda.

In the final heat, Bentley would win his seventh heat of 2012 behind the wheel of his No. 21 Bentley Motorsports Nova. Rusnell finished second, followed by Geniole Jr., Cashmore and Butler.

When it came time for the feature, Richard Butler would be starting his No. 3 Linde Group Super Stock on pole, followed by Brian Wilson Jr., Mike Weeda, Steve Cashmore, Paul Maltese, Paul Geniole Jr., Lane Zardo, Matt Bentley, Herb Walters, Bob Phinnemore, Randy Rusnell, Nick Roth, Shawn Chenoweth, Stephen Wilson, Mike Hearty, Jay Cutting and Nick Maxwell.

On the opening lap, it’d be Wilson Jr. in his No. 00 Assured Car and Truck Rental, Smurf’s Towing, Canadian Home Renovations, Tufff Transportation, Gunk, Pete’s Automotive, Stag Automotive, Terrier Excavating and Landscraping, and Scrap Car Towing Cutlas alongside Butler for the lead. Butler would clear Wilson Jr. on lap three for the lead ahead of Maltese while Zardo, Cashmore and Geniole Jr. ran three-wide.

On lap four, Maltese would clear Wilson Jr. for second while Zardo looked for a way by for third while Bentley and Geniole Jr. now ran side-by-side for fifth. Zardo would move up to third on lap five, followed by Bentley while Wilson Jr. ran side-by-side with Rusnell for fifth. Rusnell would complete the pass for fifth on the next lap.

On lap seven, Zardo and Bentley would get side-by-side for third and stay that way till the first caution on lap 10. Race leader Butler would get sideways off of the corner and contact would be made with Walters, collecting Chenoweth. Both Butler and No. 89 Transaxle Parts Camaro of Chenoweth would be done for the night, while Walters’ crew fixed the front of his Camaro.

At the 1/3 mark, it was now Maltese leading the field in his No. 28 Presto Appliance, Bob Phinnemores Mustard Seed Contracting, TSS Top Shops and Crime Stoppers Monte Carlo, ahead of Zardo, Bentley, Rusnell, Roth, Geniole Jr., Lapcevich, Wilson Jr., Cashmore, Weeda, Phinnemore, Hearty, Beatty, Stephen Wilson, Cutting, Maxwell and Walters.

On the restart, Maltese would innitally clear Zardo to keep sole procession of the lead while Zardo battled with Bentley for second. However, Zardo was able to hold Bentley off and began to look for a way around Maltese on lap 12, completing the pass on lap 17.

That left Maltese to battle with Rusnell for second, which Rusnell completed the pass on lap 18. Roth would also pass Maltese on lap 19 to move up to the third position. Maltese would eventually fall back to sixth after getting loose, allowing Bentley and Lapcevich to move up to fourth and fifth.

There’d be a second caution on lap 24 though when Lapcevich would spin his No. 34 Tim Hortons Super Stock in turns three and four. Lapcevich would be done for the night. So now it was Zardo leading Rusnell, Roth, Bentley, Maltese, Geniole Jr., Wilson Jr., Weeda, Cashmore, Phinnemore, Beatty, Stephen Wilson, Hearty, Cutting and Maxwell with six laps to go.

On the restart, Zardo would jump out ahead while Roth and Rusnell battled for second. Roth would clear Rusnell on lap 25, leaving Rusnell to battle with Bentley for third.

When the checkered flag came down on the field, it was Lane Zardo taking the win for his eighth top five of 2012. Points leader Nick Roth finished second for his 11th top 10 in 11 feature starts this year while Randy Rusnell finished third for his seventh top five of 2012. Matt Bentley came home fourth with his eighth top five while Paul Maltese rounded out the top five.

Paul Geniole Jr. finished sixth, followed by Brian Wilson Jr., Mike Weeda, Bob Phinnemore and Stephen Wilson. It marks the first feature top 10 for both Wilsons.

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