Tonight marks a highlight night for NASCAR's smaller divisions as it is the Toyota All-Star Showdown. The Whelen Late Models are up first, followed by the K&N Pro Series.


K&N Pro Series 225 Lapper

2:30am "i knew i had a good car going into the race and there were so many things that happened that was i able to avoid. i just got a huge jump there and that was it........i can't tell everybody that (what he has underneath the car) - Bowles

"absolutely, really really proud of everybody on this race team. all my guys are here - its so amazing. i watched this race last year on my couch, its great to be here." - kennington

"man, its awesome. i can't say enough about the entire waltrip crew. crafton did an awesome job guiding me through all this chaos. i finally got the car loosened up those last 25 - i finally felt that i had something going. 3-wide is going awesome - i actually got to go four-wide sometimes. i had an awesome job out there. I am super pumped. this sport is so much fun out there and i've got a lot to learn......all the testing, i really got to thank all the people on the waltrip team (on what got him here)" - Travis

"What oil leak? There was no oil leak! It was a handful out there. The middle section - 100 laps straight, no cautions, that was a nice break as we know what the last one was going to be. the first run, the car was a little free, made an adjustment and the car was a little tight. didn't have the forward bite for the win. - Gomez

2:19pm EST FINISH Jason Bowles, D.J. Kennington, Jonathon Golez, Luis Martinz Jr., Moses Smith, Travis Pastrana, David Thorn,

5 to go pastrana into the outside wall - no caution

9 to go restart - pursley has a tire going down - pulls out of the way. bowles and kennington, gomez, martinz, smith

we're going to need to pull out 9 qualifying laps here. this is what we've worked for - staying up front and staying out of trouble so we're going to need 9 qualifying laps - pursley, who may have a tire going down

i am just going to have to try to get a good restart here and try to get a nose up infront of him. his car is good. we've got a good car here and we're going to try to get a nose on him." - bowles

2:05am 11 to go caution - dale quarterly, 38 and 53 ---- red flag is out to clean up the mess --- the incident started by steve wallace making contact with quarterly

13 tg harraka has flat

14 to go pursley to the lead, followed by bowles and kennington

15 to go restart

thorn blackflagged to tail end of the field for agressive driving - bowles leads followed by pursley

1:56am "He came down on me." - Thorn's reasoning

"He flat took me out." - Harraka's comment

thorn takes harraka out as caution with 16 to go - wallace, pursley, dale quarterly, chad boat, jason fensler collected - field put under red flag - pursley, thorn, bowles, kennington your top four

22 to go harraka clears thorn, followed by bowles, pursley, mayhew, kennington

23 to go harraka and thorn make contact as they battle for the lead

restart with 23 to go

1:48am restart with 27 to go as Harraka gets a solid start while Andrew Myers & Cole Cabrera spins - caution is out

1:42am Harraka, Bowles, Thorn, Mayhew, Pursley, Kennington, Boat, Gomez, Martinez, Fensler, Motley, Wallace, Smith, Quarterly, Pastrana, Borneman, Lasserre. The rest are off the lead lap.

"We got a good racecar. To be honest, I didn't know we had taken the lead. I knew we were marching to the front, I knew we'd be in the top five, but I didn't know we'd be the leader......I'm having a blast. I'm having a lot of fun. We never get a 100 green flag laps ever at Toyota Speedway but I am having a lot of fun." - Race Leader Paulie Harraka

Jason Bowles is having electrical issues - "Unfortunately, its cool enough tonight that its not too bad. The batteries don't seem to want to restart the motor if we have the fans and everything on......The track is definately getting tighter with all the rubber being put down. It's typical here so we tried to build a lot of adjustments in the car."

"They said they want to see if I can go any faster now (laughs)......I've been tight so I said I want it loose. "Harry said loose is fast so I wanted to drop the Days of Thunder on this" so hopefully we don't spin the car out on the first lap as we drop the hammer on this one." - Travis Pastrana, who is making his NASCAR debut - running 15th, one of the seventeen cars on the lead lap

1:32am lap 197 under caution --> harraka, bowles, thorn, mayhew, pursley, kennington, boat --- this is now the 10-minute competition break to set up the final segment

lap 196 Travis Milburn spins around - caution

lap 191 myers has a right rear flat tire as he makes an unscheduled pit stop. Harraka then passes Bowles for the lead with some contact while Thorn runs third

lap 188 harraka uses the lap car of matt kobyluck as a pick as he passes thorn for third

lap 187 myers, bowles, thorn, harraka, mayhew make the top five

1:22am "Can I have a hug?" Sean and then Dick B. give him a hug --- "the car just shut off - its just one of those deals. we've come out here five times, qualified well, but never have won it." - Sean Caisse, who said before the race he'd do whatever he could to try to win it after starting third

lap 168 top five myers bowles thorn harraka mayhew

lap 166 sean caisse pulls his damaged car behind the wall

lap 162 paulie harraka passes gomez for sixth

lap 153 top five - myers bowles thorn mayhew pursley

lap 146 jonathon gomez really quick - ninth to sixth - with a major vibration and smoke. NASCAR is watching carefully as the smoke continues to get worse

1:08am lap 141 myers, bowles, thorn, mayhew and pursley

lap 136 myers leads while bowles, thorn, mayhew and pursley fight through traffic for positions second to fifth.

lap 135 bowles goes past thorn & mayhew to second

12:59am lap 110 myers mayhew thorn bowles and pursley

restart lap 104 and myers goes to the lead

12:40am lap 101 competition caution - thorn myers mayhew pursley bowles gomez kennington wallace haraka

lap 85 thron, myers, as pursley and mayhew are side-by-side for third

restart lap 84

12:30am caution lap 80 chad boat spins

lap 75 thorn mayhew pyrsley myers bowles top five

restart lap 69

12:24am top five - Thorn, Pursley, Jason Boweles, Andrew Ranger, David Mayhew, Jonathan Gomez, Andrew Myers, Steve Wallace, DJ Kennington

lap 61 - caution - big pileup on the front stretch involving German Quiroga with right front torn off, Darrell Wallace Jr with heavy rear damage, Travis Pastrana with small damage, Travis Motley, Moses Smith, Johnny Borneman -- something happened to Darrell Wallace Jr blew motor, stopping, collecting a whole bunch of people

lap 59 98 Chad Boat spins as result of contact with Paulie Harraka- no caution

restart lap 57

(DURING MY ICE CAP RUN) restart lap 32 - caution as Fensler and Wallace have damage, Moses causing it. #21 pennilized for jumping the start

11:57pm restart lap 27 - big huge wreck - 39, 03 Max Gresham, 20 Eric Holmes, 42 among others

lap 22 Spencer Gallagher stops on the race track, bringing out the yellow flag - Gallagher gets the car restarted after caution comes out so he is being assessed a 2-lap penalty.

Derek Thron still leads followed by Pursley, Fensler, Newberry, Mayhew
Sean Caisse has a bad handling car - talking about major adjustments during 1st break

11:53PM lap 15 no. 27 Ruben Rovelo goes for the spin - stays green

restart lap 15

Sergio Pena (very bad handling car) and Miguel Paludo just parked their cars

11:41PM caution lap 4 Auggie Vidovich is on fire as he brings out the caution

Derek Thron leads lap 1 as the green flag is out at 11:40PM EST

11:35PM Michael Waltrip has officially given the command - 40 engines are fired and running.

"he is so fun. i just love him. he is so passionate about racing a car, he is just green and just wants to go out there......i pick Greg Pursley 'cause he's old like me." - Michael Waltrip on Travis at first and then his pick for the win. Michael Waltrip is part-owner of the deal with Travis.

Travis Pastrana is having radio issues as he can't hear spotter Matt Crafton while Michael Waltrip is getting set to give the command as the grand marshall.

The 225-lap race is broken into three segments - 100 laps, 100 laps and 25 laps

Derek Thorn has the pole with Greg Pursley second and Sean Casse third. for the full line-up.

"Obviously, it'd be the biggest win here; this is our Daytona 500...........we built a lot of adjustment in the car. we came out here and tested a couple weeks ago and the car reacted really well. we ran good in practice, qualified well so hopefully we can go to the front." - series veteran Greg Pursley on his thoughts going into the race

"That's a tough question. i have a great team, great people around me and have done everything to prepare myself right." - 11-time X-Game metalist Travis Pastrana (pictured), who is making his first ever NASCAR start. He qualified 20th.

"not right now. i've got over an hour to get the butterflies going. i was just talking to steven wallace and dj kennington and things are good there........just be patience just like every other race. we came out here to win, but you got to run it like any other race. its basically a 25 lap race. you just got to spend the first 200 laps riding." - Darrell Wallace Jr on his nerves and then on his thoughts going into his first All-Star showdown. Wallace Jr is the youngest ever East Series winner.



Late Models 50 Lapper

11:14PM Hubbleston and Johnson have a discussion afterwards about things

"at one point, ron hornaday called me and told me to move it up. harvick then called me and told me to move back to the bottom - i don't know what was going on........everything i had in the books, i tried everything - it worked pretty good. the bottom line is all the work at the shop paid off." - Woodside

"I think he had that inside groove. Our car was great but we never got that run on on the outside." - Nick

Shawn Woodside wins the Late Model feature followed by Nick Joanides, Branden Davis, Travis Irvin, Matthew Hicks, Kyle McCrady, Taylor Cuzick, Matt Scott, Taylor Minch, Kenny Smith, Glen Cook, Richie Atman, Toni Marie McCray, Jonathan Gomez are your top 14 

"i was saving my tires and i had a broken shifter since lap 1.....Tim is always hard to pass and he kept cutting me off. I told my spotter that he did past lap 10, I was going to keep my foot in it. He cut me off up there in 4 so I never lifted. First, second and third maybe matter but not past that so here we are." - Tim

green-white-checkered to go forth

11:08PM: red flag 4 to go to clean up

6 to go: tim huddleston and mike johnson wreck to bring out the caution while running in the top seven - woodside, joanides, davis are the top three

restart 10 to go

11:01PM caution 14 to go for debris as it is shawn woodside, nick joanides, brandon davis, tim huddleston and mike johnson still making up the top five. Matthew Hicks currently runs sixth

10:56pm green flag back out on lap 27

the yellow flag is back out on track for lap 26

10:51pm the red flag is now out for clean up to begin

10:48pm caution lap 22 No. 4 Sean Bennett blows up as the top five is woodside, joanides, davis, huddleston and johnson

10:45pm Restart lap 20

caution lap 14 - 90 (Toni Marie McKray), 22 (Jonathan Gomez), 56 (Dylan Lupton), 65 (Geroge Atkinson Jr.), 44 (Chris Holloway), 4 (Sean Bennet) - all wrecked - started via Atkinson pushing the 4 sideways; blackflagged McCray for passing before the start.
"i just saw a lot of mess. i just saw the 4 car turn around in front of me and i couldn't go no way......someone spun the tires on the restart and bottled everything up." - Chris
restart lap 13

10:34pm Dylan Hutchison wrecks hard in the outside wall on lap 8 as Woodside continues to lead.

10:33pm: The No. 99 is already on pit road with a problem before the race started. Shawn Woodside and Nick Jonanies make up the front row. Nick Woodside leads lap 1 as the race is green. Jonaises, Hubbleston, Brendan Davis and Johnson make up the rest of the top five.