Alex Bowman would take the lead with 15 laps to go in a thrilling three-wide pass by Grant Enfinger and Brennan Poole and never look back, taking the win in the Kansas Lottery 98.9 for his fourth victory of the season.

Meanwhile, Chris Buescher would come home solidly in the top 10 to win the championship. The 19-year-old becomes the youngest series champion, bringing home the first championship for the Roulo Brothers after having a consistant season. Buescher would win the championship, 75 points ahead of nine-time series champion Frank Kimmel.

Here is the lap-by-lap recap of the finale to the 2012 ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards season.


Green flag…….Alex Bowman leads

Caution Lap 3 – Chad Boat gets a little sideways off of turn two and flips over, collecting Matt Lofton and Chad Hackenbracht

Restart lap 9

Lap 10 Alex Bowman leads John Wes Townley, Brennan Poole, Andrew Swindell and Brendan Newberry

Lap 17 Bowman leads Townley, Swindell, Poole, Newberry and Frank Kimmel

Lap 25 Bowman leads Townley, Swindell, Poole, Newberry, F. Kimmel, Will Kimmel, Chris Buescher, Chris Mitchell and Ryan Reed.

Lap 30 Townley pulls alongside Bowman for the lead, ahead of Swindell, Poole, Newberry

Caution Lap 31 for debris. Townley scored as leader ahead of Bowman. Nelson Canache gets the lucky dog. 16 cars on the lead lap. Pit stops…….Townley first off pit road ahead of Bowman

Restart lap 37

Lap 39 Bowman passes Townley for the lead

Lap 40 Poole passes Townley for second

Lap 41 Bowman leads Poole, Townley, F. Kimmel, Buescher, Swindell, Newberry, Enfinger, Mithell and W. Kimmel

Lap 43 Ricky Ehrgott passed Will Kimmel for 10th

Lap 49 Swindell and Newberry pass Buescher, Mitchell passes Enfinger

Lap 54 Bowman leads Poole, Townley, Swindell, F. Kimmel, Newberry, Mitchell, Enfinger, Buescher and Ehrgott

Lap 56 Townley passes Poole for second in lap traffic

Lap 59 Enfinger passes Mitchell

Caution Lap 60 Ricky Ehrgott gets into the wall after the right front tire went flat going into turn three. Dustin Hapka blows the motor. Jared Marks get the lucky dog. 14 cars on the lead lap……Pit stops…..Grant Enfinger leads Townley and Poole off pit road.

Restart lap 65 Enfinger leads

Lap 66 Enfinger leads Townley, Poole, F. Kimmel, Newberry, Mitchell, Swindell, Bowman, Buescher, W. Kmmel

Lap 69 Swindell and Bowman pass Mitchell; Poole passes Townley

Lap 71 Bowman passes Swindell

Caution Lap 71 Townley wrecks on the front stretch after getting loose coming off of turn four. Canache gets a lucky dog. 14 cars on the lead lap. Buescher and Ryan Reed pit for tires.

Restart 19 to go as Poole pulls alongside Enfinger heading into turn one. Enfinger clears Poole coming off of turn four.

17 to go Bowman passes Kimmel for third

16 to go Enfinger leads Poole, Bowman and F. Kimmel

15 to go Poole pulls alongside Enfinger for the lead, Bowman pulls on the apron to make it three-wide for the lead…..Bowman clears Poole and Enfinger for the lead heading into turn one.

Caution 14 to go Chris Windom’s left rear tire falls off and makes contact with Brandon Davis, and then Windom hit the wall. Nelson Canache also sustained damage after the tire hit the front of his car.

Restart 6 laps to go as Bowman leads Poole….Swindell passes Kimmel

5 laps to go Enfinger and Poole side-by-side for second

4 laps to go Enfinger and Swindell pass Poole for second and third behind Bowman. Kimmel side-by-side with Newberry for fifth.

3 to go Newberry passes Kimmel for fifth.

2 to go Bowman leads Enfinger by over a second, ahead of Swindell, Poole and Newberry.

Final lap Swindell passes Enfinger for second going into turn two

Alex Bowman wins his fourth race of the season. Swindell leads Enfinger, Poole, Newberry, F. Kimmel. Chris Buescher is the 2012 ARCA Racing Series Champion – youngest champion at the age of 19.