In the Canestoga Sprayers N' Asphalt Repairs Thunder Cars at Barrie Speedway, a different driver graced victory lane for the third straight week in a row. Leonard Johnston, who came into the night second in points, would find victory lane after a pass with seven laps togo.

The race started with Luke Gignac starting on pole, followed by Andrew Cole, Shawn Goggins, Peter Marquardt and Douglas Shakall.

By lap five, Goggins had made his way up to second, followed by Shakall, last week's feature winner Darryl St. Onge and Brian Murray, who started sixth. 

The first caution would come out on lap 10 for St. Onge sending Shakall for a spin while they battled for third. Gignac would still lead over Goggins, though now followed by Murray, rookie Travis Hallyburton and Marquardt. 

On the restart, Murray would pass Goggins, followed by Hallyburton moving past Goggins for third. 

On lap 13, Teri-Lynne Dixon would go for a spin, though kept the car going so there was no caution. Some cars got in the grass, however, in the aftermath as a result of the bottlecneck throughout the field. 

On lap 14, Gignac would continue to lead, over Murray, Hallyburton, Johnston and points leader Rick Walt. At the halfway mark at lap 15, Johnston got alongside Murray for second while Walt was alongside Hallyburton for fourth. On lap 19, Johnston would get clear of Murray, just to leave Murray to fight side-by-side with Walt for third while Mathew Bentley and Hallyburton were side-by-side for fifth.

On lap 21, Gignac continued to lead, now followed by Johnston and Walt while Bentley was side-by-side with Murray for fourth.

On lap 23, the winning pass for the lead would be made as Johnston would get by Gignac. A lap later, Walt moved up to second, followed by Bentley moving past Gignac for third. 

Walt would get to the back bumper of Johnston and look to be setting him up for a pass, before he dropped back towards Bentley. Walt would say after the race that mechanical problems started to develop with the car.

Johnston would come home with his first victory of the year. Walt would finish second for his seventh straight top two finish. Bentley would finish third in his first ever Barrie Speedway start. Hallyburton and Gignac rounded out the top five. Murray finished sixth, followed by Dave Doucette, Jim Belesky, Marquardt and Goggins.