Last weekend at Darlington, the gloves came off as it was a showdown between Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch. A lot of fans have debated since who was right and who was wrong, and who could win a fight if the two were to jump in a room together. In concluding all of the evidence, there is only one conclusion - Kevin Harvick is right and Kyle Busch is wrong. How? Let me explain.

The contact started by Harvick making contact with Busch down the front straightaway, which was minor at best. Welcome to close racing as that happens when you have competitors racing closely together.

Busch then made contact with Harvick down the backstretch the same way that Harvick made contact with him. This could be a trade paint deal as maybe Busch wasn't happy and that's not a fair way to play it as with being in racing as long as he has been, he should understand the principles behind racing hard at times.

The next bit of contact came from Harvick in turn four when Harvick gave him a shot in the bumper coming off of four. Harvick probably felt the contact from before was unneeded or maybe got a better run off the corner and made contact. We've seen this many times without debate as it'll just be a trade of words or maybe a discussion between drivers during the next weekend.

Though where Busch began crossing the line is when he turned Harvick on the fronstretch after the caution had come out for Clint Bowyer wrecking. To purposely wreck somebody at a high rate of speed is very dangerous as what if Harvick had been seriously hurt? We saw what can happen when revenge takes its wrong turn via Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski last year.

Harvick then took the right approach and waited to after the race to discuss things with Busch as you saw with him getting out of his car on pit road. Thats not wrong as if you ask any racecar driver, most are open to settling their differences outside of the car, some with punches and some not. Once Harvick realized Busch was going to make a move to wreck his car, Harvick threw the punch and do you blame him? If somebody was going to wreck something that meant a lot to you, wouldn't you do that yourself?

Oh, and if you need more evidence that Harvick is right in what he did, does anybody remember Busch's antics last year at Homestead with the fact he was racing Harvick extra hard so Denny Hamlin could win the championship? He got served there too as he got turned in the wall so Harvick has plenty of reasons to dish something at Busch. And also, sorry Hamlin and Busch but your plan failed as the 2010 Champion turned out to be Jimmie Johnson. Any comments? 

Looking in the future, if we're going to do our own version of Friday Night Fights, sticking these two in the ring would have Harvick winning by a landslide as you can tell by compairing him to Busch that he has the muscles and can take him down. For some reason if this prediction is wrong, we know that Harvick has back-up from not only his pit crew, but also his wife - Delana.