Peterborough Speedway (Ont) - June 15, 2013 - by Cindy Lorenz

Mack DeMan, driving the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget TQ40, won the Feature race Saturday night at Peterborough Speedway (Ont). Dedicating his win to his father, DeMan said “I wouldn’t be able to do this without all the support I get from my Dad. I would also like to give a big thanks to Andy and Craig Mackereth for all the hours they spend at the shop on this car. I am thankful for having Lucas Oil as a sponsor for almost 10 years, great people, great products, great support. I would like to also dedicate this win to one of the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the Can-Am Midget Racing Club, Harry Macy, who passed away recently. Harry’s friendship and knowledge will be missed.”

In honor of Macy, Past President, car owner and driver of TQ 9, the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets ran 9 lap heats and held the pole spot open in their 4 abreast salute to the fans.

Starting third in the 25 lap feature race, DeMan took the lead on lap 10 and never looked back. Barry Dunn took the point at the drop of the green and shot out to a five car lead over the field. DeMan moved around Darren McLennan to take over the 2nd spot on lap one. Todd Cresswell was fourth followed by Adrian Stahle, in a ‘team car’ to DeMan. Rob DiVenanzo spun in turn three on lap three tightening up the field for the restart. Dunn remained strong as the field battled behind him at the restart. McLennan lost two more spots by lap 5 and now had Defending Champion Rob Neely knocking on his door.

Dunn’s large lead was now shrinking as DeMan charged to the front. Catching Dunn two laps later DeMan made his move in turn three and took over the lead. Dunn remained strong and kept on DeMan’s tail. Cresswell was now third followed by Stahle and Neely. Turning times in the low 13 second range DeMan stretched his lead with Dunn remaining in a 2nd place battle with a strong Cresswell. Stahle and Neely fought for the 4th spot. The final laps ran down as the leaders began to lap the field. DeMan took the checkered flag followed by Dunn, Cresswell, Stahle and Neely. Heats were won by Neely and McLennan. The ‘B’ main was won by Rookie Adam Racine, driving for Yvonne Neely.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets have one weekend off then head north for a doubleheader Canadian Holiday weekend. They will be at Sauble Speedway (Ont) on Saturday, June 29th and then head to Varney Speedway (Ont) on Sunday, June 30th. With only 12 points separating the top five runners, it is anyone’s guess who comes out on top after that weekend.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Peterborough Speedway on June 15, 2013 was…1.MACK DEMAN, 2. Barry Dunn, 3. Todd Cresswell, 4. Adrian Stahle, 5. Rob Neely, 6. Corey Moesker, 7. David Balych, 8. Darren McLennan, 9. Craig Mackereth, 10. Adam Racine (R), 11. Rob DiVenanzo, 12. Dylon Smith (R), 13. Tyler Turnbull (R), 14. Chris Bauman.

Unofficial Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of June 15, 2013 are…1. COREY MOESKER…455, 2. Rob Neely…453, 3. Todd Cresswell…450, 4. David Balych…446, 5. Mack DeMan…443, 6. Adrian Stahle…423, 7. Barry Dunn…411, 8. Darren McLennan…387, 9. Rob DiVenanzo…376, 10. Adam Racine (R)…347, 11. Tyler Turnbull (R)…326, 12. Chris Holman…292, 13. Chris Bauman…289, 14. Dylon Smith (R)…284, 15. Cody Winn (R)…202, 16. Tom Kyle…165, 17. Craig Mackereth…120, 18. Jeff Blackburn…115, 19. Greg Smulders…109, 20. AJ Emms (R)…95, 21. Daniel Bois…91.