For points leader Davi Millsaps, it was the perfect night as he grabbed the holeshot and never looked back, picking up his second victory of the season and fifth of his career. It also marked the first win for a Suzuki bike in San Diego.

“I got the holeshot, lead all the laps," Millsaps said. "I’m very thankful. I didn’t think I had it (the holeshot), but we’ve been pretty consistent this year. Most of the lappers I lapped were my buddies. I think they looked back and let me by (laughs).”

Millsaps has been able to get a podium finish each event this year.

Justin Barcia was able to grab second after making the pass by Chad Reed on lap 10 when Reed went down. 

"Such a crazy night," Barcia said. "To get second - pumped. Tried to get by Davi, but couldn't catch him. Happy to be on the podium."

After last week's big win, Ryan Dungey made the pass on Justin Brayton for third with five to go to score another podium finish.

“It was good racing," Dungey said. "Not the greatest of start though. I just tried to make the passes as quick as I can. Tonight was a good night overall. I’m happy with it. Just take it one race at a time. It’s a long series. I’ll keep plugging away.”

James Stewart had a solid night, coming out on top in a tough battle for fourth in the final laps. After his fall on lap 10, Reed was able to make it back up to fifth. Last year's champion Ryan Villopoto finished sixth.

Millsaps now leads Dungey by 19 points, while Villopoto and Troy Canard sit tied for third, 27 points back. 

The next event for the Supercross riders is next Saturday night in Dallas, Texas.


450 Main Event Results:

  1. Davi Millsaps – SUZ
  2. Justin Barcia – HON
  3. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  4. James Stewart – SUZ
  5. Chad Reed – HON
  6. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  7. Justin Brayton – YAM
  8. Trey Canard – HON
  9. Andrew Short – HON
  10. Mike Alessi – SUZ
  11. Broc Tickle – SUZ
  12. Matt Goerke – KTM
  13. Matt Lemoine
  14. Weston Peick
  15. PJ Larsen
  16. Rob Kiniry
  17. Chris Blose
  18. Josh Hill
  19. Ben Lamay
  20. Kyle Partridge

450 Point standings:

  1. Davi Millsaps – 132
  2. Ryan Dungey – 113
  3. Trey Canard -
  4. Ryan Villopoto -
  5. Chad Reed -
  6. Andrew Short -
  7. Justin Barcia -
  8. James Stewart -
  9. Justin Brayton -
  10. Jake Weimer -
  11. Matt Goerke -
  12. Broc Tickle -
  13. Josh Grant -
  14. Kyle Chisholm -
  15. Vince Friese -
  16. Mike Alessi -
  17. Matt Lemoine -
  18. Weston Peick -
  19. Kevin Windham -
  20. Jimmy Albertson -