For the third time this year, we would see a different face grace Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock victory lane as Matt Bentley would come out on top in the battle that raged during the feature.

The first heat, though, would go to 2011 Sunset Speedway Track Champion Lane Zardo, ahead of fellow Sunset regulars Dan Archibald, Donny Munce, Bentley and Ryan Semple. Donny Beatty finished sixth, followed by Johnny Morrison.

On the first lap of the second heat, Coltin Everingham would spin on the backstretch. 2012 Sunset Speedway Rookie of the Year Cayden Lapcevich would win the second heat ahead of Barrie’s Travis Hallyburton, Flamboro’s Kevin Albers and Sunset’s Everingham.

Zardo would go for the daily double ahead of Bentley, Archibald, Beatty, Munce and Morrison.

Lapcevich also went for the daily double ahead of Rusnell, Albers, Hallyburton, Dan Price and Everingham. Price missed the first round of heats due to having to change the transmission, while Rusnell missed the first round of heats due to having to change the motor.

With an eight car invert, Donny Beatty would start pole followed by Donny Munce, Matt Bentley, Kevin Albers, Travis Hallyburton, Dan Archibald, Lane Zardo, Cayden Lapcevich, Ryan Semple, Johnny Morrison, Dan Price and Coltin Everingham.

Beatty would take the early lead ahead of Munce and Bentley. Midway through the field, Archibald would get major sideways after going three-wide with Lapcevich and Hallyburton, but managed to save it and keep it going. Meanwhile, Bentley would get by Munce on lap two.

Then on lap three, Bentley would make the pass on Beatty to take the lead, ahead of Munce and Hallyburton while Zardo and Archibald battled side-by-side for fifth.

With close racing between competitors, there can be contact, and contact sometimes leads to flat tires. That was the case for Archibald as he brought out the caution on lap five with a flat tire.

With 45 laps to go, Bentley would lead Beatty, Munce, Hallyburton, Zardo, Lapcevich, Albers, Price, Semple, Morrison, Everingham and Archibald.

On the restart, Bentley would clear Beatty and Munce while Hallyburton battled Zardo for fourth. Zardo would clear Hallyburton on lap 10, with Lapcevich following suit on lap 11. Then on lap 12, both Zardo and Lapcevich would pass Munce for third and fourth. The Zardo-Lapcevich tag-team through the field would continue as on lap 13, they both would pass Beatty to move into second and third.

They worked on trying to run down on Bentley. However, Zardo and Lapcevich found themselves in their own battle on lap 21, with Lapcevich passing Zardo on lap 23.

By lap 32, Lapecvich would be on Bentley’s bumper for the lead with Zardo close behind in third as they all fought to pass the lap car of Johnny Morrison.

Lapcevich would pass Bentley on lap 36, and then give Morrison a shot to boot him down out of the way. Zardo would then make his way by Bentley for second on lap 38. Meanwhile midway through the pack, Archibald would get into Price and Price would make a nice save to keep it going.

The contact with Lapcevich and Morrison caused a panel to come loose on Morrison’s and sure enough, a caution would fly on lap 40 for debris laying on track. So with 10 laps to go, it’d be Lapevich leading Zardo, Bentley, Beatty, Hallyburton, Munce, Price, Archibald, Albers and Semple. Then at least a lap down, it would be Everingham and Morrison.

On the restart, Lapcevich would clear Zardo, though down the front stretch, Zardo would go to dive underneath for the crossover. However, the caution would fly before Zardo got to play out his move for a flat tire on Semple’s car.

Then on the restart, the flat tire madness would continue as Zardo would bring out the caution with a right front flat on his car.

The restart would see tight racing between Lapcevich and Bentley for the lead, with Lapcevich getting loose underneath Bentley in turn two and going around. Bentley would be deemed “not involved” and get to keep his spot.

So with 10 laps to go, Bentley led ahead of Hallyburton, Beatty, Price, Munce, Archibald, Semple, Zardo and Lapcevich.

On the restart, Bentley would pull ahead of Hallyburton. Meanwhile, Dan Price would run into problems and have to bring his car down pit road to his crew.

On lap 44 with six laps to go, it was Bentley leading Hallyburton, Beatty, Munce and Zardo. With four laps to go, Munce would pass Beatty for third. Then Zardo would pass Beatty for fourth with three laps to go.

Matt Bentley would hold on the final laps to pick up his first feature victory of the season. Travis Hallyburton finished second, followed by Donny Munce, Lane Zardo and Donny Beatty. Dan Archibald finished sixth, followed by Kevin Albers, Johnny Morrison, Coltin Everingham and Dan Price. Cayden Lapcevich would finish 11th.