Following some practice excitement and solid racing on Friday, the Thunder Car/Super Stock division returned on Saturday to continue to set the field for the 50 lap feature.

Bryan Penny tagged the wall in the first heat while Dan Archibald grabbed the win after missing Friday’s qualifying due to a wreck in practice. Todd Davenport finished second followed by Cayden Lapcevich, Randy Rusnell, Shawn Goggins, Tyler Liscum, Tyler Junkin, Paul Maltese, Penny, Travis Hallyburton and the 27. Hallyburton didn’t have to worry about his qualifying effort due to being locked into the front row virtue of his second place finish at the Chase for the Colors.

Ryan Semple would get into the wall during the second heat, breaking something in the steering and was done for the weekend. 2013 Barrie Speedway Champion Rick Walt won the feature ahead of the 9, Ken Grubb, John Baker Jr., Howie Crowe Jr., Willie Reyns, Ross Evans, Dan Price and Andrew Swindells.

In the third heat, Jim Belesky got sideways off of turn four, catching Lane Zardo, which resulted in both cars going around. Belesky continued while Zardo was done for the heat with a flat tire. It marked just another step in Zardo’s weekend of excitement after putting the car on its roof during Friday’s practice. Defending Autumn Colors Classic Champion Joe Adams won the heat ahead of Jason Praysner, Kevin Gallant, Dennis Cybalski, Todd Musker, Craig Scott, the 8, Belesky, the 38 and the 17.

2012 Garry Reynolds Memorial winner Dave Doucette won the final heat ahead of Vaughn Lawrence, Matt Spence, Kenny McNicol, Brad Collison, the 73, the 49, the 57, Luke Gignac and Bob Kish.

Come time for the B-Main, you’d see pole sitter Spence take the early lead. He found himself in the b-main following a wreck in the first heat on Friday night that saw him climb the wall. Spence led the first lap six laps till the caution flew for Archibald and the 49 getting together. That’d just be the start of it as on lap nine, Archibald would spin Bryan Penny. Penny retaliated under caution, resulting in a black flag. Then on lap 10, the 8 would get loose up high, resulting in the 49 getting into him.

Matt Spence took the win ahead of Dennis Cybalski, Dan Archibald and Shawn Goggins as the four of them transferred to the A-Main. Luke Gignac was the first driver to go home followed by the 57, the 17 and the 38.