The Autumn Colors Classic. It’s the event that everybody wants to win. For some, they’ve had the privilege of winning it. For others, they’ve come so close but yet haven’t been able to yet.

However, to run well you must start well by qualifying well and staying outta trouble. Qualifying for the 113 Pro Late Model feature kicked off on Sunday with some of the usual fast suspects finding themselves in victory lane.

Defending race winner and 2013 Sunset Speedway Champion Mike Bentley won the first heat ahead of Dale Shaw, Mat Box, 98, Mike Wallace, Jamie Cox and Justin Demelo.

In the second heat, there’d be some trouble as Gord Shepherd would go around by himself, making heavy contact with the outside turn four wall. Repairs were made, though, and Shepherd was back out on Saturday. Adam Quarrie would also go for a spin, but would not make any contact with the wall.

Andy Kamrath won the heat ahead of Shawn Chenoweth, Gary Elliott, Ryan Kimball, Justin Demelo and Quarrie.

Dan McHattie won the final heat ahead of Mark Watson, Chris Mitchell, Brad Corcoran, 96, Brent Wheller and Chris Ferguson.

Qualifying continued on the Saturday, with features scheduled originally for the Sunday, but moved to Monday due to rain.