Following last week’s controversial M.R.E Pro Series feature on the Sunday, it’d be Mike Bentley taking the feature victory for his fifth regular night feature victory of 2012 over Tom Walters. It marks the eighth feature victory overall for the driver of the No. 51 Bentley Motorsports Late Model after winning a pair of features at Barrie and the third round of the M.R.E Pro Series.


The first heat would go to Chris Morrow, driving his No. 11 CRS Rental and Morrow Electric Late Model to victory lane ahead of Walters, Kevin Cornelius, Sean Grosman, Andrew Kamrath, Dario Capirchio, Ernie Fumerton, Bruce Rankin and Thane Woodside.


The action would begin in the second heat as Sean Cronan would spin Billy Zardo on the first lap. In the end, it was Bentley in victory lane, ahead of Scott Beatty, Jason Witty, Gary Elliott, Keith Maiato, Frank Davey, Taylor Holdaway, Cronan and Zardo.


In the third heat, Rankin would send Morrow for a spin. In the end, it’d be Cornelius taking the win in his No. 17 Halton Crushed Stone, Lee Sand and Gravel, Hanson Concrete Products, Sandbox Tech Child Care, Alliston Transmission, Ed’s Automotive and Fierce Wraps Late Model, barely ahead of Walters.


The final heat would go to Holdaway in his No. 41 Holdaway Automotive, Downing Roofing, Vortex Brake Pads, and Late Model, ahead of Cronan, Beatty, Bentley, Davey, Elliott, Zardo and Maiato.


When it came to the feature, it would start off with Gary Elliott and Dario Capirchio side-by-side for the lead, with Elliott taking the lead behind the wheel of his No. 36 Quaker State, JDS Insurance, Lincoln Electric, Auto Spa, Timber Green Landscape and Grind Stone Landscape Late Model on lap two. Capirchio, meanwhile, would get into a side-by-side battle for second with Jason Witty.


Their battle would last all the way to the first caution at lap 13 for Sean Cronan going for a spin behind the wheel of his No. 84 Supercuts, Paul's Auto Body, Shirley's Bayside Grille, Septech Septic Services, Lockeroom Sports Bar and Grill, Women in Stride, Sturdy Power Lines, Spira Fire Protection, Northern Safety, Gunk Canada, Bourque Transmission and Sophie's Place Late Model. Keith Maiato would go to the back of the field as an involved car.


Just before the halfway mark, it’d be Elliott leading Witty, Capirchio, Chris Morrow, Mike Bentley, Taylor Holdaway, Sean Grosman, Scott Beatty, Kevin Cornelius, Tom Walters, Andrew Kamrath, Frank Davey, Ernie Fumerton, Billy Zardo, Bruce Rankin, Sean Cronan and Keith Maiato.


On the restart, Witty, behind the wheel of his No. 19 Carrot Express, LaRue’s Haulage and Matco Tools Late Model, would jump ahead of Elliott for the lead, however the caution would fly once again when Fumerton and Capirchio wrecked. They would be moved to the back of the field while Elliott would line up as the leader, followed by Witty, Morrow, Bentley and Holdaway.


On the restart, Witty would once again grab the lead while Bentley and Elliott battled for second. Bentley would clear Elliott on lap 15, leaving Morrow to look for a way by Elliott for third. Morrow would clear Elliott for third on lap 17, while Witty and Bentley got alongside for the lead. They’d run side-by-side till lap 21, when Bentley was able to clear Witty, leaving Witty to battle with Morrow for second.


Morrow and Witty would battle side-by-side for second all the way till the lap 26 caution for Grosman going for a spin.


With four laps to go, it’d be Bentley leading Morrow, Witty, Elliott, Walters, Holdaway, Beatty, Cornelius, Kamrath, Davey, Rankin, Fumerton, Cronan, Zardo, Capirchio, Maiato, Woodside and Grosman.


On the restart, the top four would be single-file while Holdaway and Beatty battled for fifth, when the caution would come out for Witty going for a spin as a result of a mechanical problem.


So with three to go, it’d now be Bentley, Morrow, Walters, Beatty, Holdaway, Elliott, Kamrath, Cornelius, Davey, Rankin, Fumerton, Cronan, Capirchio, Zardo, Maiato and Grosman.


On the restart, Bentley would keep the lead while Morrow and Walters battled for second. Walters would clear Morrow on lap 28, leaving Morrow to battle with Beatty for third.


In the final two laps, Walters would get to the back bumper of Bentley, though would not be able to complete the pass as they’d cross the finish line, bumpers touching, with Mike Bentley taking the win. Tom Walters’ second place finish marks his 11th top five and 13th top 10 finish in 13 starts this season. Chris Morrow would get to the line in third for his third top five while Scott Beatty was fourth for his fourth top five. Taylor Holdaway rounded out the top five for his seventh top five finish of 2012.


Gary Elliott finished sixth, followed by Kevin Cornelius, Andrew Kamrath, Frank Davey and Ernie Fumerton. The top 10 finish for Kamrath comes in his first regular start of the season at Sunset Speedway.


Sean Cronan would finish 11th for his first finish outside of the top 10 in 2012, followed by Dario Capirchio.