Sunset Speedway, Stroud, ON – May 19, 2013 – by Cindy Lorenz - Corey Moesker took the checkered flag for the second year in a row on the same Victoria Day weekend at Sunset Speedway in the second race of the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midget series. The Lucie Aylwin Memorial Night race on Sunday night ran green to checkered in a blistering pace of 4 minutes and 8 seconds. Moesker, celebrating in Victory Circle with his Dad, thanked Broadway Service and series sponsor Lucas Oil Products for all their continued support. Starting in the 5th spot for this 25 lap feature event, Moesker took the lead on lap 17 and never looked back.

Mack DeMan took the lead at the drop of the green from his outside starting position over hard charger Darren McLennan. Adrian Stahle took third followed by Chris Holman and Moesker. One lap later McLennan got the edge coming out of turn four and took the lead from DeMan, holding it for 3 laps. DeMan held strong and again moved to the front on lap five. Moesker passed Holman and then Stahle to get into the top three. DeMan and McLennan ran side by side lap after lap with DeMan edging out the lead each lap. At the halfway point Moesker motored around McLennan and set sites on DeMan. David Balych, moved into the top five and passed Stahle one lap later for fourth place.

Moesker ran up quickly on DeMan.  The two fought hard for the lead and with Moesker a bit stronger, he took the point and opened up a four car lead. Balych also got around McLennan on the same lap and was now in third place. Holman held on to the top five. The final laps ran off with Moesker holding a commanding lead and taking the checkered flag followed by DeMan, Balych, McLennan and Holman.

Heats were won by DeMan and McLennan and the ‘B’ race was won by Rob Neely.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Sunset Speedway on May 19, 2013 was…1. COREY MOESKER,  2. Mack DeMan, 3. David Balych, 4. Darren McLennan, 5. Chris Holman, 6. Adrian Stahle, 7. Barry Dunn, 8. Rob Neely, 9. Todd Cresswell, 10. Tom Kyle, 11. Rob DiVenanzo, 12. Adam Racine (R), 13. Tyler Turnbull (R), 14. Cody Winn (R), 15. Dylon Smith (R), 16. Chris Bauman.

Unofficial points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of May 19, 2013 are…1. COREY MOESKER…317, 2. David Balych…313, 3. Rob Neely…302, 4. Chris Holman…292, 5. Todd Cresswell…290, 6. Adrian Stahle…271, 7. Mack DeMan…268, 8. Rob DiVenanzo…265, 9. Darren McLennan…252, 10. Barry Dunn…244, 11. Adam Racine (R)…232, 12. Tyler Turnbull (R)…223, 13. Cody Winn (R)…202, 14. Chris Bauman…190, 15. Dylon Smith (R)…177, 16. Tom Kyle…165, 17. Jeff Blackburn…115, 18. Greg Smulders…109, 19. AJ Emms (R)…95, 20. Daniel Bois…91.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets have the next weekend off and return to Flamboro Speedway on June 1st.