While 2012 presented a solid freestyle win for Avenger, the 2011 show had a surprise for the fans.

Coming near the end of the show, it was time for Charlie Pauken to head out with Grave Digger. To start the run, Pauken drove straight out of his parked spot, over the first small jump. He then went after the bus stack where he soared over, making an incredible save. After saving it and despite the truck not being too damaged, Pauken drove off the track through the tunnel, leaving the arena.

Everybody thought it was over for Team Grave Digger, though that wasn’t to be.Instead, the fans got a big surprise that afternoon.

Seconds later, two Grave Digger trucks came flying out of the tunnel with Pauken leading the other truck. At the end of the run, it was discovered that driving the second Grave Digger truck was team driver Randy Brown.

To qualify for the World Finals in Las Vegas in March, each driver needs to have a certain amount of points in comparison to his rivals. Pauken was already set to go as defending champion after taking the Freestyle championship last year with Monster Mutt. Three-time champion and series veteran Dennis Anderson is set qualified and was running the Tampa show on the same weekend. Brown is the only driver yet qualified into World Finals and was set to run Minneapolis, however with the roof caving on that arena, the show was canceled. As a team, the call was made to help out Brown with qualifying.