Dennis Anderson may be considered the king of Monster Jam with 30 years in the business.

Tom Meents may also be considering the king of Monster Jam to some fans due to his championships.

However, there’s no doubting who’s the queen of Monster Jam.

In releasing their line-up for World Finals, Monster Jam announced last Thursday that the Queen – Madusa – will be one of the 32 competitors.

Madusa has been an entertainer all of her life, originally a pro wrestler. However, that all changed when she received a phone call from Monster Jam promoters.

“I received a phone call from Monster Jam and was asked if I was interested in driving because Monster Jam needed a push in the women’s division since they did not have one,” Madusa told “The cross promotion from pro wrestling to Monster Jam trucks worked. We all have had a wonderful relationship and I have won two Monster Jam World Finals Championships.”

That’s right – she’s not just a pretty face. She won the Freestyle Championship in 2004, followed by the Racing Championship in 2005 after beating Dennis Anderson in the finals. She’s also been a gear head all her life, starting out by riding dirt bikes at a young age.

“If I can get my hands dirty by helping the mechanics I do,” she said.

Outside of driving a monster truck, she owns a business titled KOOLKATS and HOTDOGS.

“It’s a doggie day spa, grooming, doggie day care and our own doggie bakery! All of our products are natural and organic… go green!” She said. “I have a sanctuary for rescued wolves. People that thought they could have them as pets and now want to give them back. It’s very sad, however now they have a good home.”

It’s been nine years since Madusa has been crowned champion. Perhaps she can get back to that glory on the 10th anniversary of her first championship.