In the month of May, Nick Roth finished each of his features in the top 10. However, he had yet to find the magic key to victory lane. That all changed on Saturday night.


In the first heat, Nick Roth won his fifth heat of the year, followed by Herb Walters, Matt Bentley, Paul Geniole Jr. and Mike Weeda. Rob Morrison would run into mechanical problems, oiling down the track.

In the second heat, Lane Zardo won his fourth heat of the year, followed by Steve Cashmore, Randy Rusnell, Cayden Lapcevich and Dan Archibald.

In the third heat, Marty Monette would run into problems as he made his first start of the season. Meanwhile, Roth would roll the daily double with another win. Walters finished second, followed by Geniole Jr., Bentley and Stan Coe.

In the fourth heat, there was a caution on lap one for debris. Then on the restart, contact between Zardo and Archibald well three-wide with Kent Constable would cut Zardo’s tire. Rusnell would win his first heat of the season, followed by Paul Maltese, Donny Brandon, Cashmore and Archibald. Right after the checkered flag, Archibald would spin Cashmore around. Both drivers would be done for the night as they were both blackflagged for rough driving.


In the feature, Paul Geniole Jr. would start on pole, though the action would pick up right away as contact between Donny Brandon, Cayden Lapcevich and Richard Butler would cause both Lapcevich and Brandon to make contact with the wall.

Two laps after the restart, Paul Maltese would make the pass on Geniole Jr. for the lead and lead till the second caution at lap eight for Randy Rusnell oiling down the track. At this point, Geniole would be second, followed by Zardo, Roth and Herb Walters.

Roth would make it by both Zardo and Geniole and then on lap 20, he’d make the pass on Maltese for the lead. He’d hold on for the final 10 laps for his first Sunset Speedway Super Stock victory. Maltese would finish second for his second top five of 2012, followed by Walters, Zardo and Bentley. Geniole Jr. would finish sixth for his fifth top 10 finish followed by Stan Coe, Mike Weeda, Lapcevich and Semple.