After battling side-by-side with Randy Rusnell for multiple laps during the course of the 50 lap feature, Nick Roth would take home the feature victory for his second invitational feature victory of 2012. It marks the third feature victory overall this year for the driver of the No. 17 Camaro.


Sunset’s Lane Zardo would take the victory in the first heat, followed by a series of Sunset drivers that included Cayden Lapcevich and Matt Bentley.


Sunset’s Rusnell would take the victory in the second heat, followed by Sauble’s Ken Grubb, Sunset’s Herb Walters, Sunset’s Steve Cashmore and Sunset’s Rob Morrison. Richard Butler and Tim Leftler rounded out the field.


Sunset’s Roth won the third heat, followed by Bentley, Lapcevich, Sunset’s Steve Perry and Zardo. Dan Archibald and Mike Hearty rounded out the field.


Rusnell would go for the daily double, winning the final heat, followed by Walters, Cashmore, Grubb and Morrison.


When it came time for the feature, it’d be Rusnell starting on pole with Roth starting second. They’d start the feature side-by-side and stay that way all the way till lap 17, when Roth would finally clear Rusnell.


At that point, Walters ran third, followed by Zardo, Lapcevich, Bentley and Grubb. The top seven would then run single file with the battle at eighth between Cashmore and Archibald.


Though the first caution would then come out on lap 20 for Morrison spinning around after his tire fell off. He would towed down pit road, where his pit crew would change the tire and he’d be back out on his way.


So with 30 laps to go, Roth held serve over Rusnell, Walters, Zardo, Lapcevich, Bentley, Grubb, Cashmore, Archibald, Perry, Phinnemore, Cutting, Hearty and Butler.


On the restart, the battle would resume with Roth and Rusnell as they’d run side-by-side till lap 27, when Roth would once again clear Rusnell.


Meanwhile, Zardo and Walters were in their own war for third, with Zardo passing Walters on lap 28. Bentley would get alongside Walters on lap 28 for fourth, though would not be able to complete the pass as Lapcevich would look to get around Bentley for fifth on lap 29. Bentley would hold Lapevich off, ahead of Grubb.


So with 29 laps to go, it’d be Roth leading Rusnell, Zardo, Walters, Bentley, Lapcevich and Grubb while Cashmore and Archibald continued to run side-by-side. They’d run side-by-side all the way till lap 38, when Archibald wound finally clear him, leaving Cashmore to battle with Phinnemore. Phinnemore would complete the pass for ninth on lap 39, looking for a way by Archibald for eighth on lap 40.


There’d almost be a wreck on lap 42 with eight laps to go when Perry would get sideways off of turn four while battling with Cutting, though managed to save it and continue.


On lap 44 with six laps to go, it’d be Roth leading Rusnell, Zardo, Walters, Bentley, Lapcevich, Grubb, Phinnemore, Archibald, Cashmore, Perry and Cutting as they all ran single file.


However, they wouldn’t finish that way as Walters would get beside Zardo heading into turn one on lap 45. Zardo would be able to keep Walters behind him and keep the third position.


Nick Roth would hold on the final five laps to take the victory. Randy Rusnell would finish second, followed by Lane Zardo, Herb Walters and Matt Bentley.


Cayden Lapcevich finished sixth, followed by Ken Grubb, Bob Phinnemore, Dan Archibald and Steve Cashmore.


Perry finished 11th, followed by Cutting and Hearty.