For NASCAR Canadian Tire (NCAT) Series driver Jason Hathaway, his season began with the Vortex Brake Pads 200 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP) last month. The driver of the No. 3 Snap on Tools/Rockstar Energy Drink/Vortex Brake Pads Dodge started the race in sixth and came home with a sixth place finish. 

Hathaway is looking for a solid season after finishing ninth last year in points. Hathaway raced the majority of the year with a broken arm as he broke it in the first race of the season last year at CTMP. With everything healed up, Hathaway is looking to do this weekend at Circuit ICAR and beyond.

Before taking the green flag for round one of the McColl Pro Series at Sunset Speedway last weekend, Hathaway answered some questions about the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series and his career.


Ashley McCubbin: What are some of your thoughts so far this year with one race under your belt?

Jason Hathaway: It was a great weekend last weekend, as far as fans, the racing goes and Canadian Tire. With Vortex being the title sponsor, it was good for us. we had a good finish. We qualified sixth and finish sixth so that was a good start for us as well.

The improvements are amazing with what they did there. Next year, they’ve been talking about doing more so can’t wait to see that. They’re also talking about another NASCAR series racing there so excited to see if that happens.


AM: And now, looking forward to Circuit ICAR and beyond, what are some of your thoughts?

JH: it’s going to be good. I think the road racing at ICAR will be good – probably get another 28, 29 cars. Starting that next weekend and then we move on to some oval racing with a couple ovals in a row. I know some guys are looking forward to that. It’s good. We’re ready to go. The car just got decalled the other day; it’s going to match the road course car, look the same. I know we got a lot of comments – looked sharp last weekend. Can’t wait to get started.


AM: What are your goals for this year?

JH: Definitely want to win a race. I haven’t won since 2008 so I’m due for a win for sure. I need a good points year. we slid back to ninth last year in points from where we were last year. I broke my arm last year so kind of ran the whole season with a broken arm, so that’ll slow you down anytime that happens. Looking to be in the top three in points and then win a race or two.


AM: How'd you get started in racing?

JH: Started when I was a kid in go-karts. I used to run around D.J’s track at his truck shop in St. Thomas when I was a kid. So started there and worked our way up. Worked way to enduros at Delaware, street stock at Delaware – won a championship, moved up to late Models. Travelled around the country – got a lot of seat experience, met a lot of people, kind of got the media attention to get hired by Ed Hakinson Racing.


AM: Who is your Racing hero?

JH: Jeff Gordon. He’s pretty good. He’s won a bunch of races, a bunch of championships. I know a lot of people booed him, but I never had a real NASCAR racing hero back. when he started, he started winning, drove a chev, had a cool paint scheme and had a cool mustache for a 22-year-old.


AM: What's the biggest lesson you've learned in racing?

JH: Just take it easy through the season. Don’t get too hard on yourself when something happens and takes the highs and the lows and average them throughout the year. It’s a roller coaster season once the year starts. One week you’re in Delaware, next week in you’re in Toronto, Edmonton and then British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Just week to week, figure out where you are. That’s kind of my goal. Keep the team focused, keep myself focused and just have one goal and aim for it.