May 4th                                    Sunset Speedway

After months of hard work preparing our new Sunset Speedway Late Model, the last thing our crew were thinking was being involved in a wreck. Even more of a shock was that it happened on lap one of our first 2013 race.

One ingredient to make a season successful is a dedicated and knowledgeable pit crew.  Our crew was put to the test very early this season, in fact, right after race #1. The prefect statement when the car got to the pits was “ok guys, this is our new start, let’s get it ready for the next race and build from there”.  I was thrilled with the attitude and hard work of our crew.

We made it out for our second heat race.  The car was put back together but still needed more work to get it right for the feature event. 


Mini Stock & Go-Cart Start Opening Day

Gehrig and Lauren started their seasons on Saturday as well.  Gehrig finished in the top 5 in both of his heat races and 8th in the main event.

Gehrig, in his 2nd season racing wasted no time moving from the rear to the top 5 in his first heat race.  He turns 15 in July, so has lots of time to learn, and most of all have fun.

Laurens day began much like ours with some trouble in the early going.

Opening day wasn’t the best for us, but we did get into the feature race and finished 13th in the very competitive field of Late Models.

Our car has been stripped down and will be ready to go well before the next race which is Saturday May 11th. We’re looking for a better night.

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