Summary: One of Ontario’s premiere stock car racing series has chosen a top advertising and business development company to lead its marketing campaign and sponsorship efforts.

(June 14, 2013) ---- Representatives with OSCAAR Racing announced today that it has officially signed BLM (The Black Lodge Media Firm) as its Business Development and Advertising Agency of Record in Canada and the United States.

“We are very confident that this new relationship will provide our fans with new ways to connect with our series and drivers while generating new opportunities for our business partners to communicate with the growing fan base our series and drivers continue to be blessed with,” said David Gainforth, president and spokesman for OSCAAR Racing.

Gainforth went on to explain that as Agency of Record, BLM will work closely with OSCAAR Racing and the teams and drivers within the series to manage and secure sponsorship development. BLM, according to Gainforth, will also handle advertising and marketing campaigns, brand perception development, and overall business development to assist in the professional development of OSCAAR as a professional stock car racing series in Ontario, Canada.

“Developing new sponsorship opportunities, and securing a focused revenue growth strategy is a crucial approach we must take to further secure our place as a top tier Professional Racing Entertainment medium in Canada,” Gainforth said, before adding, “We are very focused on working closely with BLM as our new Agency of Record to achieve the aggressive goals we have set into place.”

Eric J. Gillespie, president and founder of BLM, pointed out that its focus is to deliver a complete business growth service of which OSCAAR Racing obtains volume profits through a complete and professional execution of what it calls “the Professional Sports Marketing Mix.”

Now that BLM is OSCAAR Racing’s core communications, advertising, and sponsorship sales agency, Gainforth revealed that OSCAAR plans to soon launch a new website with fan focused content, and a new OSCAARTV centre with full race reviews, highlights, and interactive fan features.

In addition, Gainforth said, OSCAAR Racing will have a new Sponsorship Marketplace coming this July, which will provide detailed statistics, data, demographics information, and open opportunity listings; for business partners and prospects interested in sponsoring the series and drivers.

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About OSCAAR Racing

The Ontario Car Association of Asphalt Racers (OSCAAR) features both Outlaw Super Late Models and Modifieds, Ontario’s premiere stock car racing series.

The Outlaws have a unique body style and can boast the greatest horsepower of any Ontario stock car division. The unique Outlaw body style features a hood and nose combination which slopes to the ground on a steep angle, rear side panels which are flat and an alternative roof style.

Perhaps the oldest form of racing in Ontario is the Modifieds and OSCAAR is proud to carry on the tradition at a professional level. The excitement of open wheel racing keeps fans on the edge of their seats until the checkerflag falls. The OSCAAR Modifieds are the fastest open wheel cars in the province, and is where the future of professional racing stars hone their craft. With 450 hp of ground pounding excitement on the short tracks of Ontario, the OSCAAR Modifieds is the series you don't want to miss.