Two Grave Digger drivers, Man of Steel driver and Batman have started their seasons off beautifully as they have win streaks already. On the flip side, another driver grabbed a couple wins to celebrate his birthday. Welcome to the Friday Monster Jam recap!

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Joey Parnell (Man of Steel) drove to his third straight racing victory after defeating Steven Thompson (Hurricane Force) in the racing final. Parnell also was able to pick up wheelie victory, as well. Meanwhile, it'd be JR McNeil (Xtrmigator) taking the Freestyle victory.

Gary Porter (Grave Digger) scored his fourth straight racing victory in Greensboro, North Carolina after defeating Whit Tarlton (Monster Mutt) in the racing finals. Porter then scored a 26 in freestyle for his third straight freestyle win, It wasn't a perfect sweep for Porter, though, as Tarlton got the dog to stand in the air during wheelies for the wheelie win.

John Seasock (Batman) scored his fourth straight racing win after beating Mitch Tulachka (Just Get Er Done) in the racing finals in Witchia, Kansas. He also picked up a wheelie win, too. Though when it came to freestyle, it'd be Jon Zimmer (Freestyle) picking up his fourth straight freestyle win with 25 points while Seasock scored 24 points.

Dan Evans (Blue Thunder) celebrated his birthday on Thursday and kept the celebration going by winning the wheelie competition with 23 points in Hildago, Texas. Evans kept it going as he beat Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger) in the racing final for the racing win; Pauken was looking for his third straight racing win. Evans would score 24 points in Freestyle, though it wasn't enough as Lupe Soza (El Toro Loco) scored 27 points for the win. Pauken, who was looking for his fourth straight freestyle win, was scond with 25 points.

In North Charleston, South Carolina, it was Jay Snyder (Illuminator) scoring the whelie victory with 18 points, followed by a racing win after defeating Dave Mitchell (Prowler) in the racing finals. Zane Rettew (Stinger) took the Freestyle win.

Lastly, Darron Basl (Nitro Hornet) scored the wheelie win in Evansville, Indiana, as well as racing win after he beat Jeff Anderson (Spike) in the racing finals. David Smith (King Krunch) won freestyle. 


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