For the first time in his Super Stock career, Paul Geniole Jr. would drive his No. 81 Canadian Tire Camaro to victory lane in the feature after leading flag-to-flag.

Dan Archibald would drive to victory lane in the first heat ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Steve Cashmore, Donny Munce, Steven Wilson and Coltin Everingham. Dennis Cybalski received the blackflag for leaking fluid.

Randy Rusnell would drive to victory lane in the second heat behind the wheel of his No. 72 No. 72 Spira Fire Protection/Truck Trans Monte Carlo. Geniole Jr. would finish second, followed by Lane Zardo, Paul Maltese, Terry Clodd, Rob Morrison and Nick Tooley.

Cayden Lapcevich would drive his No. 76 Toyota Camry to victory lane in the third heat ahead of Munce, Archibald, Cashmore, Cybalski and Everingham. Wilson pulled off to the infield on lap eight.

Lane Zardo would drive his No. 46 Natural Exhaust, Better Contracting and Holmes Monte Carlo to victory lane at the end of the final heat ahead of Geniole, Maltese, Rusnell, Morrison, Clodd and Tooley.

Rusnell looked to have the victory locked in the bag coming off of turn four, however would break the timing chain and end up coasting across the finish line. Rusnell would borrow Cashmore’s car for the feature so he didn’t lose points.

Paul Geniole Jr. would start on pole come feature time, ahead of Dennis Cybalski, Dan Archibald, Nick Tooley, Terry Clodd, Steven Wilson, Johnny Morrison, Paul Maltese, Cayden Lapcevich, Donny Munce, Lane Zardo, Randy Rusnell and Coltin Everingham.

Geniole Jr. would grab the lead on the opening lap while Archibald would pass Cybalski for second. The first and only caution of the 30 lap feature would fly on lap two when Lapcevich spun Tooley.

So with 28 laps to go, it’d be Geniole Jr. leading Cybalski, Archibald, Wilson, Clodd, Maltese, Morrison, Zardo, Munce, Rusnell, Everingham, Tooley and Lapcevich.

Geniole Jr. would pull ahead on the restart as Cybalski and Archibald battled for second. Archibald would clear Cybalski on lap two. Behind them, Maltese and Wilson battled for fourth, with Maltese passing Wilson on lap four. Wilson would drop back, finding himself in the midst of a three-wide battle with Rusnell and Zardo on lap six. On lap seven, it’d be Geniole Jr. continuing to lead ahead of Archibald, Cybalski, Maltese, Rusnell, Zardo and Wilson.

Rusnell, driving Steve Cashmore’s car after his problems in the heats, would continue his climb through the field, passing Maltese for fourth on lap nine. Zardo would follow Rusnell through, passing Maltese on lap 10 for fifth. Rusnell would then make his way by Cybalski on lap 20 for third, with Zardo passing Cybalski for fourth on lap 22.

At the front of the field, Archibald would run Geniole Jr. down, however would not be able to get by him.

As a result, Paul Geniole Jr. would score his first ever feature victory, also marking his forth top five of 2013 in seven races. Dan Archibald would finish second for his third top five of the year. Randy Rusnell would finish third for his seventh top three finish of the year. Lane Zardo would finish fourth for his seventh top five of the year. Dennis Cybalski would round out the top five with his fifth top five of the year.

Paul Maltese would finish sixth, followed by Steven Wilson, Cayden Lapcevich, Johnny Morrison and Donny Munce.

Terry Clodd finished 11th, followed by Coltin Everingham and Nick Tooley.