September 18th                                                                               Show #15

Our team headed to Permatex in Milton on Wednesday September 18th to be part of an awesome barbecue and fund raiser for the United Way.   There was a silent auction, tank dunking as well as tickets to purchase various prizes including a ride in our Quaker State, Permatex Impala.

The barbecue was awesome, attended by some staff from Open Doors, another team sponsor who happened to be located close in proximity.  The winner of the “Drive A Race Car” prize was Michael Douglas.  I gave a demonstration plus some quick instructions, and he was ready to take our car for a spin in the very wide, empty huge warehouse loading area.

The huge docking area was void of trucks and made driving the race car an easy chore for Michael.  It also gave me peace of mind. My heart was calm knowing the route was free to test was free of obstacles with plenty of room.   Michael had some experience with 4 speed transmissions, just not the kind of power in our car.  Being 800 pounds lighter than most fast passenger cars would be a handful.

Buckled in, helmet on, staff watching….Michael was ready to go. After a few laps around the parking lot, Michael returned with a huge smile. 

Special thanks to Donny Braga and the staff at Permatex for inviting us to this very successful fund raising event to support the United Way in all they do in helping others.