For the first time the entire Spira Racing team were not at the same track, the weather couldn't have been better for racing. Ken, Billy, Adam, and Mark headed north to Sunset Speedway for their opening night with the #86, while the rest of the team headed for Flamboro Speedway for the second week of racing with the #22, #44, and #81.


With more than double the practice time given at Flamboro Speedway, the #86 team had plenty of time to loosen up the car as it was very tight, since a left front shock was changed at the shop after the last visit to the speedway with an uncontrollable loose condition.


At Flamboro, after the first practice session, the Conestoga Roofing #44 made a rear spring change, while the Process Group #22 made an air pressure adjustment to try to tighten their cars up - the #81 was not able to make it onto the track for the first practice session. After the second practice session all 3 cars were slightly loose, so quick adjustments were made before the heat races began.


Billy started 7th in his first heat race of the night at Sunset and when the caution flag flew on lap 1 for a blown engine in the #66, had already picked up a position into 6th. By lap 4 Billy had piloted the Chetty's Hot Sauce #86 to the lead where he would finish. The second heat saw the Dominion Sure Seal #86 start 4th, and after Billy ran side by side with the #33 until lap 6, he was able to claim the top spot and move on to win his second heat race of the night. 


When the time came to line up for the heat races, the #22 of Jake Watson had made the decision to end his night early as he was quite sore from a wreck that morning in the go-kart. The two remaining ProTreadz-Tirecraft cars both lined up in the second heat, the #44 starting 6th and the #81 in 7th. By lap 5 Sam had the #81 Lucas Oil Ford up to 3rd while the Wolseley #44 was stuck behind the #01 and #5 in 6th. The caution flag flew on lap 7 for the #61 who hit the wall in turn two. Scott would restart the #44 in 5th and the #81 restarted 2nd outside of the #26. By lap 8 Sam took the lead and began pulling away from the field for her first win of 2013, Scott would bring the Wix Filters #44 home in 5th.


With the two heat wins, Billy started on the pole beside last year's track champion at Sunset Speedway, the #51 also had two heat wins while qualifying for the 25 lap feature. Billy took the lead on lap one but pulled off with mechanical problems by lap 3 as the alternator bracket broke, the belt had fallen off, ending Billy's night early with an overheated engine.


At Flamboro, the #44 lined up 10th, followed by the #81 in 11th for the 25-lap feature. On the start, the car ahead of Sam didn’t go, so she fell back to 14th before she was able to clear him while Scott moved himself up to 4th. The caution flag flew on lap 6 and the #44 would restart 6th and the #81 7th. On the restart, cars got together at the very front of the field on the backstretch bringing out another caution. Both Spira cars cleared the melee easily and after a lengthy caution the #44 would restart 2nd, and the #81 5th. After the restart the field strung out, and the #81 was in a side by side battle for 5th with the #75 when the caution flag flew again for a car spun in turn 3. The cars lined up again for the final restart with 3 laps to go - the #81 5th and the #44 3rd. Scott managed to hold on to his position at the checkered flag to gain his best finish of his career and Sam brought the #81 home in 4th.


Next up for the Spira-Nuco team is the open house at ProTreadz-Tirecraft on May 11th from 9:30am to 1:30pm. The #81 and #86 are going to try and squeeze in the race at Sunset Speedway, the same day if time and weather permit.