Much cooler temperatures with plenty of sunshine greeted the Spira ‐ Wolseley Team as they departed with two cars to Sunset Speedway for the tracks fan appreciation event. Samantha and Billy only required minor adjustments during the first practice session to get the cars set up for the evenings race. After the practice, all three classes lined up on the front stretch for an autograph session for the packed house that turned out for the final points night at the track. The team also used the time on the track to talk to the regular drivers and let them know that since they were not running for points, that they would give those that were, plenty of room to race for their final point standings at the track.

Billy lined up the #86, Gunk ‐ Racing Ford to start 5th in the first heat race where he ran patiently until the cars in front of him got sorted out. Once Billy got the room, he was quickly up to 3rd, however the #64 and #20 had moved well ahead up front and although Billy did get within a couple of car lengths would finish 3rd. Sam started on the pole in her 1st heat race and pulled away from the field with the #26 on her tail. The #26 took over the lead on the
3rd lap and Samantha followed him closely throughout the remaining laps to finish 2nd. Billy started 4th in his second heat and this time quickly moved to the outside lane and into the lead in the early laps. The #20 was on Billy’s tail from the half way mark to the finish, however Billy crossed the line for the win. Samantha started 8th in her second heat and moved up to 6th at the half way mark where she ran to the finish.

Samantha lined up 14th and Billy 18th in the 30 car field for the 25 lap feature. A caution on the 1st lap would put Sam 12th and Billy 15th for the restart and as they took the green flag, Billy was back up on the outside lane to take five quick positions into 10th as Sam was stuck in the low lane traffic where she fell back to 14th. Billy continued his run forward and was up to 4th on the 10th lap as Sam was finding some room and moved up to 10th. Billy moved into 4th and then took over 3rd as the caution came out on lap 15 for two cars who crashed into the turn four wall. The #21 was leading the race, however gave up the position when he went into the pits under the caution for mechanical problems that finished his night. With the #21 out, Billy was now in 2nd behind the #20 for the restart with Sam 10th. As Billy ran side by side with the #20 to take over the lead on lap 17, Sam entered a three wide battle for position on the outside, where she held her line to gain two positions and come out 8th just prior to another caution on lap 20. Billy lead the field to the green and with the #20 running him hard for the position, with some great side by side racing, Billy was able to creep ahead on the final lap to take the win as Samantha ran a very clean race, giving those running for points, lots of respect, finishing 8th.

Billy and the #86 crew made a last minute decision to head to Varney Speedway for a Mini‐Stock invitational on Sunday the 15th. The tired crew arrived in time to get in two practice sessions that were used to loosen up the car that had a push in the centre of the corners. With a threat of rain in the air, Billy lined up for his first of two races on the pole and pulled well ahead of the field for the win. The second heat race would have Billy start at the back and he was up to third by the half way point and into second on the last lap. Billy got on the outside of the #20 through the final corner and the two crossed the line, door to door, with the #20 taking the win by inches. With a 1st and 2nd place finish, Billy would start the feature on the pole, however the rain arrived and after a considerable delay waiting to see if it would stop, the speedway cancelled the rest of the night and the team headed home. 

Next up for the Spira ‐ Lucas Oil Team will see Jake and Scott return to Flamboro Speedway on September 21st as Billy and Samantha take a maiden voyage to Barrie Speedway to participate in the Gary Reynolds Memorial Invitational. Pit gates open at 4:00pm, grandstands at 5:00pm and racing begins at 8:00pm at Flamboro and 11:00am, 2:00pm and 4:00pm at Barrie Speedway.