June 8th                               Sunset Speedway

Race #6

After being rained out on June 1st, racing resumed at Sunset Speedway on June 8th.  It was Fan Appreciation night, an opportunity for our valued fans to get a close up look at their favourite cars and drivers.

Mini Stock Has Awesome Night

Gehrig took his first career checker in style, beating the field by seven car lengths. 

Gehrig Wins Both Heat Races On June 8th At Sunset Speedway

We were very proud of his effort, his smooth consistent running.  I just felt the need to get in the picture for a few reasons. One of course was to join in the celebration of Gehrig’s first win, and secondly, to see what a checker flag looked like up close.    Gehrig followed up with another checker, winning his second heat race as well. “Grandson, what is your secret”.

Late Model Bad Luck continues

Our crew worked hard to get our car prepared for the big event, our 30 lap feature.  We have been trying everything to get our car in the top 5 and though discouraged we are not giving up or are we defeated.   Just anxious to pick up a win or two, and follow our grandson’s footsteps….to the finish line at least.

Mini Stock Feature Event

Gehrig ran a very tough and competitive feature race narrowly missing the pile up right in front of him.  He made it through unscathed and went on to finish 7th in the 25 lap feature race.

In the 30 lap Late Model feature, we had the car handling very well.  We avoided two spin outs early in the race.

We had to restart at the back of the 20 car field, and managed to work our way back to 14th.  It wasn’t the finish we wanted.  We concluded at the end of this very fast and competitive race that we needed to do something about our power.

We are going to make one change at a time so we know exactly what it is that is costing us the inability to pass cars.  In this picture, we are coming off the corner as fast as Bruce, but can’t gain on him on the straights, and we know we should be faster.  This week we will go over all the main components and get a solution very soon.  Special thanks to all our crew for not giving up or getting discouraged. They have been fantastic and together we will persevere.

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