August 4th                                         Race #18

There were 20 cars to qualify for the 75 lap race at Sunset Speedway.  Drivers from other local Ontario tracks made the trip, offering the fans a great pool of talented race car drivers.

This was the second 75 lap race of 2013 with another very stout field of fast Late Models.  We ran well in our heat races and were set for the late night race event.

Our team was out in full color representing all our sponsors each week.  Fans come over sometimes before the races to check out our car and get an autograph. 

Crew member Ryan Elliott came on the track for driver introduction.  He helped button me in the car to make sure I was snug as a bug.  We are starting 2nd last here and managed to work our way up to 10th before the exhaust gasket let go forcing us to retire…….This coming weekend is Fan Appreciation Night and we will have our new autograph cards ready for that night.