It was not one of our better race weekends. After finishing 12th in Saturday night’s feature our team hoped to turn things around on Sunday. It was the first McColl Racing Pro Late Model 75 lap Invitational, bringing the best drivers in Ontario to compete at Sunset Speedway’s very fast paved oval. 

After success in the warm ups we ran strong in the first qualifying heat to finish 3rd. Over 27 cars came to race in this prestigious event the first of a 4 race series.

We started at the back of the second heat and were moving forward. Our car was very fast and handling well.  Billy Zardo #46, a regular at Sunset was following me as I was going by #1, 14 year old Jaxson Jacobs. Jaxson was struggling with a few things, his car was very loose, it was his first time at this track and he tried to keep up with the more experienced racers.  In this picture, coming off turn four, the #1 car gets very loose. He doesn’t let off the gas and rams us into the wall at full speed.  Our car climbed the front chute wall breaking many suspension parts as well as tires, rims and body panels.

When our car came off the front straight wall it turned down, crossing the track and slamming hard into the inside cement wall doing the same damage to the right side of the car.

After a visit to the ambulance fans cheered knowing I was okay. Meanwhile, because of the damage to the front and rear of the car, track officials had to get call on a second tow truck to get our car lifted and off the race surface. The red flag condition stayed out until our car was in the pits. 

With all of our bad luck so far, this month is referred to as Mayhem!!

Just before this picture was taken I talked to the driver in the #1 car, Jaxson Jacobs and asked him what happened. He said his got sideways and couldn’t hold his car down.  In one sense he was lucky we were there or he would have hit the wall hard.  He said he was sorry for what happened and I extended my hand to show him there were no hard feelings. 

During this time I didn’t realize everyone was watching, some thinking maybe I was going to be yelling at the youngster. To my surprise when I got up to leave his car the crowd showed their approval by clapping and cheering for what happened with Jaxson.  It’s kind of ironic, that we have become very popular at Sunset Speedway by all their staff and fans and mostly from our bad luck.

Early Monday morning Eric Uprichard (one of our sponsors and crew members) and I took our car to have it repaired. Eric Uprichard, one of our sponsors and crew members came with me. Mike McColl and his team will go over the car thoroughly and fix what is needed, and we hope to have it back for the weekend. Our goal is to support our sponsors by being committed to racing every night. Mike and his staff will make sure our car is back in top form, both safety and performance wise….we hope not too expensive

Our next race is this coming Saturday at Sunset Speedway.  Race start at 6:pm.

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