May 19th                                           Sunset Speedway

It was a good night for our team as we battled mechanical problems yet again, only this time it wasn’t the clutch that was causing issues, but rather a suspension part. We got in mix up early in the first heat race resulting in a flat tire. 

Our crew worked very hard getting us back out for the next qualifying race where we showed potential with a strong competitive run.

In the 2nd the battle was close as the pack ran tight the entire race. Our best effort was getting the car ready for this race, and to my crew, Bob, Steve, Jason and Ryan I am thankful, as well to my son who was not racing this night and gave us a hand to make sure we did not miss this race. 


30 Lap Feature

We started last in the feature and worked on the outside most of the race. Our car was very good. Patience is the key to staying in these races, as the cars are all fairly equal.  Our efforts paid off with a 9th in the feature, beside 8th and on the bumper of the 7th place car.  We are set now for next week’s double header.


We run a regular show next week on Saturday night, races start at 6pm. Then on Sunday is the first McColl sponsored Pro Late Model 100 lapper.  Races for the Sunday show start at 4pm.

Please support our sponsors whenever possible.  Sponsor of the week