The Quaker State team came to the races looking very professional.  Our team, we are proud to say, ranks with the best in appearance, making us excellent ambassadors for all our valuable sponsors.

Off the track we are doing great, and it’s the racing part of our race program that needed a huge boost and we got it this night.

After a long draught at Sunset Speedway of no top five feature finish, we broke through by taking a 3rd and 2nd in both qualifying heats and then a 4th in the 30 lap feature race. Our crew chief Bob, was enjoying a night off celebrating his birthday.

Steve on the right and Justin get instruction on how to use the radio’s when spotting.  The Quaker State team runs all races counting on the feedback from the spotter.  Our spotter communicates where other cars are on the track, especially in traffic, or when trying to position for a pass.  It took Bob a while to get good at it, but Steve did very well for his first time in this high stress crew position.  

We ran two heat races again tonight.  In the past we have claimed three victories, but in every other race night our best finish in the other heat race was a sixth.  We changed that tonight with a 3rd in the first qualifier and runner up in the next.

In the first heat we started at the back and made our way through traffic. In this picture we are three wide heading into turn three. I can only imagine how crazy this situation was for Steve as he watched this touchy scenario unfold.  Steve yelled “three wide” and then held his breath. I could see this develop as well and stayed high going into the turn driving as hard as I could to get by the car in the middle.

We got the lead on lap 12, but our car started to push in the corners.  We fell back to 3rd and then fourth, but stayed with the lead cars for the final 10 laps. It was our best night so far in 2012 and we are excited that we are getting closer to our first win.  


Gehrig Finally Passing Cars In His New Car….Tough Luck As He Hits The Wall In Turn 4

Gehrig was back out in a new car. He was running well until he got high in turn three and got into the marbles and the car slid into the turn four wall.  It put him out for the night but he will be ready for this coming Saturdays show.

 Our next race is this Saturday night, we hope to continue running better, we are now in the top 10 in points with our sites on fifth.