Randy Rusnell would make his way through the field after restarting at the back eight laps in to score the win, just ahead of Lane Zardo at the line.

Rusnell won the first heat behind the wheel of his No. 72 Travis Ind. Maintaince, Dreamdoodles.net, Cournyeas Poodles, Speedy Auto Service Burling, Spira Fire Protection, J&K Converters Ltd., Partimer Signs, Chetty’s Hot Sauce, Brant Transmission and McCordick Glove & Safety Monte Carlo. Cayden Lapcevich finished second, followed by Lane Zardo, Paul Maltese, Matt Bentley, Dan Archibald, Steve Cashmore, Nick Tooley and Nicole Johnston.

Steven Wilson picked up the win in the second heat behind the wheel of his No. 71 MJM Tire, Ultimate Car and Truck Refinishing and Collision Centre, DC Fencing and JCM Contracting Monte Carlo. Dennis Cybalski finished second followed by Paul Geniole Jr., Johnny Morrison, Donny Munce, Ross Evans, Egor Boegoev, Tim Leftler, Coltin Everingham and Dusty Richardson.

Zardo would win the third heat behind the wheel of his No. 46 Holmes on Homes and National Exhaust Monte Carlo ahead of Rusnell, Archibald, Lapcevich, Bentley, Maltese, Cashmore, Tooley and Johnston.

There was one tense moment during this heat when Rusnell went three-wide with Bentley and Tooley, resulting in contact between the three of them. However, they kept them straight and were able to finish. Rusnell apologized in his post-race interview for the contact.

Paul Geniole Jr. won the final heat of the night behind the wheel of his No. 81 Canadian Tire-Port Perry, Brown Brow Roofing, Priggen Automotive, Terry Puckett & Royal Lepage, Trillium Propane and Welding Supplies Monte Carlo ahead of Cybalski and Munce. This could very well be the heat of the season as it was a thriller between the three of them. Munce and Geniole started off the battle for the lead side-by-side when Cybalski made it three-wide and swept by them both. Then Cybalski and Munce battled for the lead, till Geniole made it three-wide off of turn four with them. Cybalski would grab the lead at that point ahead of Geniole and Munce. Geniole then gave Cybalski a slight bump a couple laps later to get by and grab the lead and led the rest of the way. Like I said – heat of the season possibly right here. Behind them, Evans would finish fourth, followed by Morrison, Wilson, Everingham, Boegoev and Johnston.

In the feature, Nick Tooley started the No. 82 X-Copper, M&M Meat Shops – Innisfil and Bradford, Alliston Transmission, Playdium and Total Lubricants Super Stock on the pole ahead of Dennis Cybalski, Donny Munce, Steven Wilson, Johnny Morrison, Paul Geniole Jr., Paul Maltese, Steve Cashmore, Matt Bentley, Cayden Lapcevich, Dan Archibald, Egor Boegoev, Lane Zardo, Randy Rusnell, Ross Evans, Coltin Everingham, Nicole Johnston and Dusty Richardson.

There’d be a caution right off the top as Leftler would get sideways, making contact with Rusnell and causing Rusnell to spin. Both cars would go to the back for the complete restart. Meanwhile, Richardson would stall in turn four and be done for the night with mechanical problems.

On the restart, Cybalski grabbed the lead behind the wheel of his No.10 Camaro while Tooley and Wilson battled for second. Tooley would fall back to seventh by lap five with Munce, Geniole Jr., Morrison and Bentley making their way by.

The second caution flew on lap seven when Rusnell would spin Boegoev. Both would go to the back for the restart. With 23 laps to go, Cybalski led Wilson, Munce, Geniole Jr., Morrison, Bentley, Maltese, Zardo, Tooley, Archibald, Cashmore, Lapcevich, Evans, Johnston, Everingham, Leftler, Rusnell and Boegoev.

On the restart, Cybalski grabbed the lead once again while Munce and Wilson battled side-by-side for second. Meanwhile, deep in the field, Zardo, Tooley and Archibald were three-wide for position. Everything sorted out with Cybalski continuing to lead while Munce and Wilson continued their battle. Their battle wouldn’t go so cleanly, though, as contact was made on lap 14 resulting in both being shuffled through the field.

On lap 15, Cybalski still led, but now Geniole Jr. was up to second followed by Zardo and Morrison battling for third. Zardo cleared Morrison the next lap while Rusnell, Bentley and Maltese followed them, with Wilson and Munce resuming their battle behind.

On lap 19, Rusnell got alongside Morrison for fourth, clearing him on lap 20 while Wilson snuck past Munce for eighth, though now found himself beside Lapcevich.

With seven laps to go, Geniole Jr. caught Cybalski for the lead and passed him the next lap, with Zardo slipping into second. Cybalski battled with Rusnell for third till the caution flew on lap 25 for Johnston spinning in turn two. With five laps to go, Geniole Jr. led Zardo, Rusnell, Cybalski, Morrison, Bentley, Maltese, Lapcevich, Wilson, Munce, Archibald, Evans, Cashmore, Tooley, Boegoev, Everingham and Leftler.

On the restart, Zardo grabbed the lead with Geniole now battling for second beside Rusnell. Rusnell made his way past Geniole on lap 27. Rusnell would use the next two laps to catch Zardo and got underneath him on the last lap in turn two. The pair battled down the backstretch and through the final set of turns with Randy Rusnell winning just a nose ahead of Lane Zardo.

Paul Geniole Jr. got third followed by Dennis Cybalski and Johnny Morrison.

Cayden Lapcevich finished sixth followed by Matt Bentley, Paul Maltese, Donny Munce and Steven Wilson.

Dan Archibald finished 11th followed by Ross Evans, Nick Tooley, Steve Cashmore, Egor Boegoev and Coltin Everingham.