After blowing the motor last weekend, Randy Rusnell bounced back and found feature victory lane for the first time this season in a regular points event. It marks his second win of the year, though, as he won the first round of the M.R.E Pro Series Shootout in May.


The first heat would have its special incident as Marty Monette would spin Matt Bentley as the bottom lane showed up behind Richard Butler. They had previous contact on the front stretch with Bentley hitting Monette. Paul Geniole Jr. would win the hard fought battle for the win, followed by Nick Roth, Steve Cashmore, Richard Butler and Mike Weeda.

In the second heat, Cayden Lapcevich would spin on lap two with a flat right rear tire. Then on lap seven, Herb Walters would get into the wall after the wheel fell off. Paul Maltese would go on to take the win, followed by Randy Rusnell, Lane Zardo, Dan Archibald and Donny Brandon.

In the third heat, Richard Butler would bring his car to pit road before it started. Meanwhile, Bob Phinnemore would go for the spin in turn one on lap eight as he was making his first start of the season. Roth would take the win, followed by Geniole Jr., Bentley, Monette and Cashmore.

In the fourth heat, Donny Beatty would go for the spin on lap one, hitting Zardo. Zardo would make the big save, missing the inside wall barely, however had to pit due to a flat tire. On lap seven, 12-year-old Lapcevich would spin out of the lead after he tried to pull the block on Maltese. Rusnell would take the win, followed by Archibald, Brandon, Maltese and Rob Morrison.


In the feature, Rob Morrison would start on pole virtue of his points position and qualifying effort. Nicole Johnston would start second, followed by Cayden Lapcevich, Paul Maltese and Randy Rusnell.

On the opening lap, Johnston would quickly fall out of the top five as Morrison led over Lapcevich, Rusnell, Maltese and Paul Geniole Jr. (started seventh). On the second lap, Lapcevich would get alongside Morrison for the lead. Though the caution would come out when Maltese would spin as a result of possible contact from someone else, collecting Mike Weeda, Lane Zardo, Bentley, Steve Cashmore and Nick Roth. Weeda would be done with a broken radiator.

Meanwhile, Walters started the feature after his heat one problems, though would bring the car to the pits and be done for the night. He came into the night leading the points, 21 points over Roth, 60 points over Zardo and 70 points over Bentley.

On the restart, Morrison and Lapcevich would run side-by-side for the lead. Though before they settled their battle, Rusnell would make it three-wide down the backstretch and pass them both in turns three and four for the lead. Lapcevich would run second while Morrison fell back to fifth behind Geniole Jr. and Roth. Bent up front end and all, Roth would continue his charge after being involved in the lap two wreck as he would pass Geniole Jr. for third on lap seven. Roth would then pass Lapcevich for second on lap 11 and set his sights on Rusnell.

Meanwhile, Lapcevich continued to fall back when Geniole Jr. passed him for third on lap 13, ahead of Morrison, Dan Archibald (started 12th), Bentley (started 9th) and Marty Monette (started 14th).

The caution would come out on lap 14 for Nicole Johnston going for a spin. She would pull her car into the pits afterwards and was done for the night. At this point just before halfway, it was Rusnell leading over Roth, Geniole Jr., Lapcevich, Morrison, Archibald, Monette, Maltese, Bentley, Zardo, Steve Cashmore, Donny Brandon, Bob Phinnemore, Richard Butler, Brian Wilson Jr. and Tim Leftler.

On the restart, Archibald would put Lapcevich into the outside turn four wall to bring out the caution once again.

The next restart would go cleanly with Rusnell and Roth running side-by-side for the lead. They would continue to run side-by-side for three laps before Rusnell would clear Roth. Geniole Jr. still ran third, now battling with Monette for the third position while Maltese and Zardo battled for fifth. Monette would clear Geniole Jr. on lap 20, while Maltese would hold Zardo off. Maltese would then pounce the attack on Geniole Jr. for fourth, making the pass on lap 25.

On lap 28 with two laps to go, Zardo would get to the inside of Geniole Jr. for fifth, though would send Geniole Jr. for a spin after his car slid up due to a flat right front. The caution would come out, setting up a two-lap shootout for the checkered.

Randy Rusnell would hold Nick Roth off the final two laps to win the feature after blowing the motor the last time the Super Stocks were out on track. Roth would finish second, followed by Paul Maltese, Marty Monette and Matt Bentley. It marked Monette’s first top five of the season after having mechanical problems on June 23rd. Steve Cashmore finished sixth, followed by Richard Butler, Dan Archibald, Rob Morrison and Cayden Lapcevich.

As a result of Herb Walters’ problems and Nick Roth finishing second, Roth is now the points leader, 34 points ahead of Walters. Matt Bentley sits third (-66) with Lane Zardo and Randy Rusnell tied for fourth (-72).