In one of the most exciting Super Stock features of the 2012 season, it’d be Randy Rusnell taking the victory, inches ahead of Nick Roth. The two drivers came into the night separated by 10 points in the point standings. It marks the sixth regular points night victory for the driver of the No. 72 Monte Carlo and his ninth overall this year.


However, to start the night off, it’d be Matt Bentley taking the first heat win, behind the wheel of his No. 21 Nova. Herb Walters finished second, followed by Dan Archibald, Richard Butler, Lane Zardo, Bob Phinnemore, Kent Constable, Stephen Wilson, Rob Morrison, Jay Cutting, Mike Hearty and Brian Wilson Jr..


The second heat would go to Paul Maltese in his No. 28 Monte Carlo, ahead of Rusnell, Geniole Jr., Roth, Steve Perry, Mike Weeda, Stan Coe, Ryan Semple, Andrew Swindells, Nick Maxwell and Tim Leftler.


The third heat would have go to Zardo behind the wheel of his No. 46 Monte Carlo, ahead of Bentley, Morrison, Walters, Cashmore,Wilson, Archibald, Wilson Jr.,Butler, Cutting and Hearty.


In the final heat, Geniole Jr. would suffer heavy front end damage after getting into someone. That would bottle up the field, causing Coe to spin Weeda and collect Swindell. In the end, it’d be Roth taking the victory in his No. 17 Camaro.


In the feature, there’d be trouble right away when Paul Maltese would take it three-wide, spinning Steve Cashmore, collecting Mike Weeda, Cayden Lapcevich, Andrew Swindells and Nick Maxwell.


On the complete restart it’d be Rob Morrison leading Richard Butler, Maltese, Paul Geniole Jr., Lane Zardo, Herb Walters, Ryan Semple, Matt Bentley, Dan Archibald, Steve Perry, Stephen Wilson, Randy Rusnell, Nick Roth, Stan Coe, Lapcevich, Jay Cutting, Brian Wilson Jr., Mike Hearty, Tim Leftler, Weeda, Cashmore and Maxwell.


On the second attempt at a start to race, Maltese would grab the lead on lap one with a three-wide move through turn four while Zardo battled with Morrison for second. Zardo would clear Morrison for second on lap two, leaving Morrison to battle with Geniole Jr. on lap two. Geniole Jr. would pass Morrison for third on lap three, leaving Morrison to battle with Semple.


While that was going on, Zardo would catch Maltese and make the pass on him for the lead on lap five.


Getting back to Morrison being passed, Semple would keep the trend going with a pass on Morrison for fourth on lap six, leaving Morrison to battle with Walters. Both Walters and Rusnell would pass Morrison for fifth and sixth on lap seven and ran side-by-side, with Rusnell passing Walters on lap eight.


On lap nine, the top seven ran single file with Zardo leading Maltese, Geniole Jr., Semple, Rusnell, Walters and Bentley while Morrison and Archibald battled for eighth. Archibald would pass Morrison for eighth on lap 10, while Rusnell got alongside Semple for fourth on lap 11. Rusnell would pass Semple on lap 12, then getting alongside Geniole Jr. for third.


Rusnell would continue his climb with a pass on Geniole Jr. for third on lap 13, leaving Geniole Jr. and Semple to battle for fourth. Semple would pass Geniole Jr. for fourth on lap 15.


At halfway, it was Zardo leading Maltese, Rusnell, Semple, Geniole Jr., Bentley, Walters and Archibald while Roth battled Lapcevich for ninth.


Lapcevich would pass Roth for ninth on lap 16, then getting alongside Archibald for eighth. They’d battle side-by-side till lap 18 when Archibald would spin Lapcevich around to bring out the caution flag.


With 12 laps to go, it’d be Zardo leading Maltese, Rusnell, Semple, Geniole Jr., Bentley, Walters, Roth, Perry,Butler, Morrison, Cutting, Coe, Cashmore, Weeda, Wilson Jr., Archibald, Lapcevich and Maxwell.


On the restart, Zardo would continue to lead ahead of Maltese, Rusnell, Semple and Bentley while Geniole Jr. and Roth battled for sixth. They’d continue to battle on lap 19 while Rusnell got alongside Maltese for second. On lap 20, Rusnell would clear Maltese while Roth and Geniole Jr. continued their battle.


Rusnell would complete his climb to the front as he’d get alongside Zardo for the lead on lap 12, clearing him on lap 24 while Bentley and Maltese battled for third. On lap 26, Bentley would pass Maltese for third, ahead of Roth, Semple, Geniole Jr., Walters, Perry,Butler, Cutting, Archibald and Morrison.


Roth would get alongside Maltese for fourth on lap 27, though the caution would then come out for Lapcevich sliding up the track and spinning Morrison around.


On the restart, Rusnell and Zardo would run side-by-side for the lead, though there’d be another caution when Wilson Jr. would break something and get into the outside turn two wall, collecting Maxwell.


On the last restart, Rusnell and Zardo would be side-by-side for the lead once again and they’d remain that way all the way till the checkered flag as Randy Rusnell would take the win. Lane Zardo would finish second for his 10th top five while Matt Bentley finished third, also scoring his 10th top five. Nick Roth would get fourth for his 13th top 10 in 13 starts this season with Paul Maltese rounding out the top five with his fifth top five of 2012.


Ryan Semple finished sixth, followed by Herb Walters, Paul Geniole Jr., Steve Perry and Dan Archibald.


Richard Butler finished 11th, followed by Steve Cashmore, Mike Weeda and Stan Coe.