Even being involved in a wreck on the initial start of the race could not keep Randy Rusnell out of victory lane as he would make his way through the field to score another feature victory at Sunset Speedway.

Cayden Lapcevich won the first heat ahead of Dan Archibald, Lane Zardo, Paul Geniole Jr., Steven Wilson, Johnny Morrison and Tim Leftler.

Randy Rusnell won a half a track ahead of Donny Munce, Paul Maltese, Steve Cashmore, Dennis Cybalski, Matt Bentley, Nick Tooley and Coltin Everingham.

Dan Archibald won the third heat ahead of Geniole Jr., Lapcevich, Zardo, Wilson, Morrison, Russ Bond and Leftler.

Paul Maltese won the final heat ahead of Cybalski, Rusnell, Bentley, Munce, Tooley and Everingham.

Steven Wilson started pole in the feature ahead of Tooley, Cybalski, Archibald, Munce, Geniole Jr., Morrison, Cashmore, Maltese, Lapcevich, Bentley, Zardo, Leftler, Rusnell, Bond and Everingham.

The feature would start out with a bang as Cybalski and Archibald would get into each other bringing out the first caution. Their contact caused a check-up throughout the field with both points’contenders Zardo and Rusnell included in those who got damage.

Archibald would find himself involved in the second incident when he made contact with Everingham.

In the laps that followed, Lapcevich and Cashmore found themselves in their own battle. Lapcevich got into Cashmore a bit and then as Lapcevich went to go by Cashmore, Cashmore would make contact with Lapcevich causing him to hit the wall on the backstretch hard. Lapcevich would be okay, but his car isn’t so much with heavy damage to both the front end and the back end.

Following repairs on pit road for the earlier incident, Randy Rusnell drove his way through the field and took the win for his seventh feature win of the year. Donny Munce finished second, followed by Dan Archibald, Paul Geniole Jr. and Paul Maltese. Lane Zardo finished sixth, followed by Steven Wilson, Johnny Morrison, Tim Leftler and Coltin Everingham.


Thanks to Heather for the notes to write this :)