When it came to the Super Stock feature at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night, it’d be Randy ‘The Rocket’ Rusnell rocketing to the front of the field to take the checkered flag. It marks his sixth feature win in his last eight starts to go with a second and a third. It now brings his win total on regular nights to five wins, along with two M.R.E Pro Series victories and a Sauble Dash for Cash victory. To say that the month of August has been impressive for the driver of the No. 72 Travis Ind. Maintenance, Dreamdoodles.net, Cournoyeas Poodles, Speedy Auto Service Burling, Spira Fire Protection, J&K Converters Ltd, Partimer Signs, Chetty’s Hot Sauce, Brant Transmission and McCordick Glove & Safety Monte Carlo is an understatement.

Coming into the night, Rusnell was second in points, 36 points behind Roth. Roth would have a tough feature due to an early flat tire, finishing in the 10th position.

“We’re going to try our hardest,” Rusnell says of the championship picture. “We’re not going to give up till the very last minute of the year. Last week, we ran out of car. Car was good for 10 laps, but then it went away from us. Tonight, it was working great once again and I don’t know what else to say.

“Obviously, I got to thank my wife and my crew, Mark Young and his wife and family for coming tonight. We were short on crew people today so he helped out and Ricky, Joanne’s friend Mary. I told them not to work, don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen. But we practiced last night doing pit stops in the garage and the girls, I mean, they’re good. That’s all I can say.”

It wasn’t an easy feature win either as Rusnell had to fight through lap traffic the whole way.

“I got to tip my hat to the flagman for getting them all to move down,” Rusnell added in victory lane. “I got to thank the guys that we were unfortunately putting a lap down cause they did for the most part.”

In the first heat, it’d be Nick Roth taking the win behind the wheel of his No. 17 Camaro. Lane Zardo would finish second, followed by Paul Maltese, Cayden Lapcevich and Dan Archibald. Steve Perry finished sixth, followed by No. 5, Stephen Wilson, Mike Hearty and Tim Leftler.

In the second heat, it’d be Matt Bentley taking the win behind the wheel of his No. 21 Bentley Motorsports Nova. Rusnell would finish second, followed by Paul Geniole Jr., Herb Walters and Steve Cashmore. Richard Butler finished sixth, followed by Brian Wilson Jr., Rob Morrison, Mike Weeda and Jay Cutting.

In the third heat, it’d be 12-year-old Cayden Lapcevich driving his No. 34 Tim Hortons sponsored Super Stock to victory lane. Roth would finish second, followed by Zardo, Maltese and Hearty. Archibald finished sixth, followed by Stephen Wilson, Perry, No. 5, Nick Maxwell and Tim Leftler.

The final heat would go to Rusnell as he’d take the win ahead of Geniole Jr., Bentley, Walters and Weeda. Butler finished sixth, followed by Grosman, Wilson Jr., Phinnemore, Morrison and Cutting.

In the feature, Richard Butler would start his No. 3 Linde Group Monte Carlo on pole virtue of his qualifying effort and points position. Brian Wilson Jr. would start second, followed by Mike Weeda, Steve Cashmore, Paul Maltese, Cayden Lapcevich, Paul Geniole Jr., Lane Zardo, Herb Walters, Matt Bentley, Mike Hearty, Dan Archibald, Randy Rusnell, Steve Cashmore, Stephen Wilson Jr., Steve Cashmore, No. 5, Rob Morrison, Tim Leftler, Bob Phinnemore, Jay Cutting and Nick Maxwell.

On the opening lap, Butler would grab the lead ahead of Weeda, Wilson Jr., Maltese and Cashmore. There’d be a caution on the second lap when points leader Roth would stop on the track with a flat tire.

So two laps in the event the top 10 looked like the following: Butler, Weeda, Wilson Jr., Maltese, Cashmore, Lapcevich, Geniole Jr., Zardo, Walters and Bentley. Eventual race winner Rusnell ran in the 12th position.

On the restart, it’d be Butler and Maltese side-by-side for the lead as Weeda began to drop back positions. Maltese would complete the pass in his No. 28 Presto Appliance, Bob Phinnemores Mustard Seed Contracting, TSS Top Shops and Crime Stoppers Monte Carlo on lap four. Butler was now back to second with Lapcevich up to third, followed by Zardo and Weeda.

Lapcevich would make his way by Butler on lap five as Butler was shuffled through the field. As of lap six as the shuffling continued, Maltese led over Lapcevich, Zardo, Rusnell and Bentley. Geniole Jr. and Walters would also get by Butler on lap eight.

At the 1/3 mark, Maltese continued to lead, ahead of Lapcevich, Zardo, Rusnell, Bentley, Geniole Jr., Walters, Butler, Archibald, Weeda, Wilson Jr., Cashmore, Perry, No. 5., Hearty and Morrison.

On lap 11, Rusnell would pass Zardo for third and begin to look for a way around Lapcevich. He would complete the pass on Lapcevich for second on lap 12 as Weeda would head down pit road with a problem. Rusnell would continue his climb to the front, getting alongside Maltese on lap 13, and then completing the pass for the lead on lap 14.

At the halfway mark (lap 15), it was Rusnell leading over Lapcevich, Maltese, Zardo, Bentley, Geniole Jr., Walters, Archibald, Butler, Wilson Jr., Cashmore, No. 5, Perry, Roth, Morrison, Phinnemore, Hearty, Cutting, Wilson and Maxwell.

On lap 16, Zardo would pass Maltese for third while Bentley looked to pass Maltese for fifth. Bentley would complete the pass on lap 17, with Geniole passing Maltese on lap 19 for sixth. On lap 20, Bob Phinnemore would pit with a flat tire.

Walters would also make his way by Maltese for position and then begin to look for a way around Geniole for fifth on lap 28. Though he’d be denied as Walters would keep the position.

At the checkered flag, it’d be Randy Rusnell taking the win with his 10th top 10 in 12 starts this year. Cayden Lapcevich would finish second for his fifth top five with Lane Zardo third for his ninth top five. Matt Bentley would finish fourth for his ninth top five with Paul Geniole Jr. rounding out the top five. Herb Walters finished sixth, followed by Paul Maltese, Dan Archibald, Brian Wilson Jr. and Nick Roth.