Following five feature victories on regular nights, plus a pair of M.R.E Pro Series victories and a Sauble Dash for Cash victory, everybody had 2012 Sunset Speedway Super Stock Champion Randy Rusnell pinned as the driver to beat in Sunday’s Velocity 250 special. That held up as Rusnell would take the victory to continue his impressive season.

Following a pair of qualifying heat wins, Randy Rusnell would start on pole, followed by Lane Zardo, Kevin Albers, Paul Maltese, Nick Roth, Joe Adams, Travis Hallyburton, Matt Mulholland, Ken Grubb, Paul Geniole Jr., the 81x, Herb Walters, Rick Walt, Matt Bentley, Cayden Lapcevich, Dan Archibald, Corey Adams, Dave Doucette, Richard Butler, Rob Morrison, Steve Ecker, Bob Phinnemore, Steve Cashmore, the No. 36x, Kent Constable and Ross Evans.

Rusnell would grab the early lead in the feature, jumping ahead of Zardo while Albers and Maltese battled for third. Albers would clear Maltese for third on lap five, with Roth clearing Maltese for fourth on lap six. Then on lap seven, Roth would pass Albers for third.

The first caution would come out on lap eight for Ross Evans going around.

So with 42 laps to go, Rusnell led Zardo, Roth, Albers, Adams, Maltese, Mulholland, Hallyburton, Grubb, Walters, Maltese, the 81x, Bentley, Walt, Lapcevich, Archibald, Doucette, Adams, Morrison, Ecker, Cashmore, Phinnemore, Constable and Evans.

On the restart, Rusnell would once again grab the lead ahead of Zardo and Roth while Adams and Albers battled for fourth. Adams would clear Albers for fourth on lap 11, with Mulholland passing Albers for fifth on lap 12. Maltese would then pass Albers for sixth on lap 13 before the second caution for Cashmore spinning in turn two. Ecker would make his way down pit road under caution.

With 37 laps to go, it’d be Rusnell leading Zardo, Roth, Adams, Mulholland, Maltese, Albers, Walters, Hallyburton, Grubb, Maltese, Bentley, the 81x, Lapcevich, Walt, Doucette, Archibald, Adams and Morrison.

On the restart, there’d be another caution for the No. 36x getting into Ecker, causing damage to both cars.

On the second attempt at a restart, Rusnell would grab the lead ahead of Zardo while Roth and Adams battled for third with Roth clearing Adams for fourth on lap 14.

The top five would run single file till lap 16, when Roth would get alongside Zardo for second, clearing him on lap 18. Adams would then follow suit on lap 0, bumping Zardo back to fourth. Mulholland would then clear Zardo on lap 23 for fifth.

The next 17 laps would have the top six run single file while getting through lap traffic, with the 81x making his way down pit road on lap 40.

The race would look to have that green flag single file feel to it till Herb Walters ran into trouble on lap 47. Walters would try to get his car pulled off, though would not make it into the infield, resulting in a caution on lap 49 with one lap to go.

With a two lap shootout on deck, it’d be Rusnell leading Roth, Adams, Mulholland, Zardo, Maltese, Grubb, Bentley, Lapcevich and Hallyburton.

Geniole Jr. would be the first car a lap down, followed by Doucette, Walt, Archibald, Adams, Albers, Cashmore, Morrison, Butler, Phinnemore, Constable and Evans.

The first restart would not fly as Rusnell would get a good size jump on Roth.

The second restart would go off great at the front of the field, though midpack, Geniole Jr. would go around after being three-wide with Walt and Archibald, collecting Butler and the 36.

The third attempt at a restart would see another caution as Maltese would run into problems. Maltese would make it to pit road just as the yellow flag was waved.

In the fourth attempt at a restart, Randy Rusnell would hold Nick Roth off to take the victory. Joe Adams would finish third, followed by Lane Zardo and Matt Mulholland. Cayden Lapcevich finished sixth, followed by Travis Hallyburton and Bentley.