The defending series champion would return to victory lane as Rick Walt would pick up his second feature win of the 2013 season. He would make his way by Jim Beleskey in the late stages to take the victory.

The first heat belonged to Darryl St. Onge ahead of Dave Doucette, Jim Beleskey, Robbie Sikes, Donny Brandon and Bryan Penny.

The second heat belonged to Travis Hallyburton ahead of Rick Walt, Bill Walt, Luke Gignac, Jay Cutting (who was filling in for Shawn Goggins) and Greg Callow.

The third heat went to Jim Beleskey, ahead of St. Onge, Sikes, Doucette, Brandon and Penny.

The final heat saw a caution on lap six when Callow would have a flat right front tire. Hallyburton went for the daily double ahead of Bill Walt, Rick Walt, Cutting and Gignac.

Come feature time, it’d be Bryan Penny starting on pole, followed by Luke Gignac, Bill Walt, Donny Brandon, Robbie Sikes, Jim Beleskey, Rick Walt, Dave Doucette, Travis Hallyburton, Darryl St. Onge, Jay Cutting and Greg Callow.

Penny would clear Gignac on lap two, leaving Gignac to battle with Bill Walt for second. Bill Walt would pass Gignac on lap five, before taking the lead from Penny on lap six. Beleskey would then pass Penny for second on lap seven. Then on lap nine, Doucette and St. Onge would both get by Penny. On lap 10, Beleskey would get alongside Bill Walt for the lead, just as the caution flew for Cutting spinning in turn two.

On the restart, Beleskey would clear Walt for the lead, with St. Onge passing Bill Walt on lap 13. Rick Walt would then pass Bill Walt for third on lap 14. By lap 18, it’d still be Beleskey leading, now followed by St. Onge, Rick Walt, Hallyburton, Bill Walt and Dave Doucette.

Bill Walt and Dave Doucette would lock themselves in a battle for fifth, with contact happening between the pair in turn three after Doucette dived in underneath Walt, causing both to get into the outside wall. Walt would then retaliate, doing a burn-out for the crowd with his nose pressed against Doucette’s car.

With nine laps to go, it’d be Beleskey leading Rick Walt, St. Onge, Hallyburton, Brandon, Sikes, Cutting, Penny and Callow.

On the restart, there’d be another caution as St. Onge and Hallyburton would make contact on the backstretch, causing St. Onge to spin and collecting Brandon. St. Onge, who came in as the points leader, would be done for the night.

Though on the restart, Rick Walt grabbed the lead from Beleskey so Rick Walt would restart in first, followed by Beleskey, Cutting, Penny, Callow, Sikes, Brandon and Hallyburton.

On the second attempt at a restart, Rick Walt would pull ahead of the field, though there’d be another caution for Callow and Brandon making contact. Both Callow and Brandon would pull their cars behind the wall.

On the third attempt at a restart, Rick Walt would once again pull ahead of Beleskey and Cutting, while Hallyburton began to cut his way through the field. Sikes would get alongside Penny for fourth, passing him on lap 25. Hallyburton followed suit, and then passed Sikes on lap 26 for fourth.

Rick Walt would hold on the final four laps to take the win behind the wheel of his No. 10 Abstract Salon, Cookstown Auto, K2 Images, Hwy 400 Transmission, Brimac Auto Glass and Shepherd Trucking Monte Carlo.

Jim Beleskey would finish second. Meanwhile, Travis Hallyburton would barely beat Jay Cutting to the line to grab third. Robbie Sikes rounded out the top five, followed by Bryan Penny.