The Autumn Colors Classic. It’s the event that everybody wants to win. For some, they’ve had the privilege of winning it. For others, they’ve come so close but yet haven’t been able to yet.

However, to run well you must start well by qualifying well and staying outta trouble. Qualifying for the Super Stock feature kicked off on Friday with some of the usual fast suspects finding themselves in victory lane.

The heats didn’t start off that well as the 27 would go for a spin, collecting Todd Davenport with him. 2013 Sunset Speedway Champion Randy Rusnell won the heat ahead of Paul Maltese, Cayden Lapcevich, Davenport, Tyler Liscum, Bryan Penny, Travis Hallyburton, Shawn Goggins and the 27.

The 6 wouldn’t start off his weekend well as he would spin on lap three. 2013 Chase for the Colors winner John Baker Jr. won the second heat ahead of Ken Grubb, Willie Reynes, Howie Crowe, Ryan Semple, the 9, Rick Walt, Andrew Swindells, the 91, Dan Price and the 6.

The third heat didn’t start off that well either as Dennis Cybalski spun on lap one. On the restart, Jason Praysner would spin Craig Scott, collecting the 38 and Jim Belesky. Todd Musker picked up the win ahead of Lane Zardo, Joe Adams, Kevin Gallant, Belesky, Praysner, Scott, 17 and the 38. Zardo’s second finish was a feat of itself, but more on that later.

The fourth heat wasn’t any better, though, as Matt Spence rode the turn four wall on lap five. He would sustain heavy right front damage, though was back out on Saturday. Flamboro Speedway front runner Brad Collison won the heat ahead of Ross Evans, Bob Kish, Vaughn Lawrence, 31x, Kenny McNicol, Dave Doucette, 57, Luke Gignac and the 45.

For the Super Stocks, the heats were just half the story as they had a pretty chaotic practice.

Dan Archibald missed Friday’s qualifying due to being involved in a practice incident with Belesky, as well as blowing his engine. After heading back to his shop, he was back for Saturday’s qualifying session.

Paul Geniole Jr. blew his motor and transmission during practice and missed Friday’s qualifying. He borrowed a motor from Kent Constable and returned to the track on Saturday. As a result of slipping in the oil, other cars made contact with debris, the wall and each other, but we’re all okay and ready to go on Friday.

Lane Zardo had a right trailing arm and driveshaft break in practice, causing him to hit the wall and roll his car on its roof. While many thought the Zardo Racing team would pack it in, they worked throughout the afternoon/early evening and had the car out for his heat. As noted, he was able to pick up a second place finish.

Qualifying continued on Saturday, with the feature starting on Sunday. however, due to the skies opening up on lap 27 of 50, the race will be completed on Monday.