On Saturday night, Neil Elliott delivered a solid performance, soaring his Maximum Destruction truck off of many of the obstacles, to win the freestyle competition. However, fans received disappointing news at the beginning of freestyle – Elliott wouldn’t be able to freestyle at the Sunday afternoon show due to breaking a four link in qualifying.

“I’ve got the best crew in Monster Jam, but this isn’t something we can fix,” he said. “I’ve been giving these guys Max D driving tips ‘cause you fans deserve a good show.”

So with the competition wide open, who would take the win? Ryan Anderson bounced back from his disappointing performance on Saturday night to put Son UVA Digger on top and take the Freestyle victory.

“After last night, I was ready to come out and throw it down!” He said after the win.

Jim Tracy kicked off freestyle with his Higher Education school bus as he got some medium-height air before his truck broke, landing him a solid score of 17 points.

 Lloyd Twitchell then brought the Krazy Train out and looked to topped Tracy’s run, though fell short as he only scored 14 points.

Ontario native Scott Lillycoat started off his run solid in Dragon’s Breath as he looked to go higher than Tracy did, though would flip over with 59 seconds left on the clock off of the van stack. As a result, he would only score seven points.

Cory Rummel then took Spike for a ride, airing him out while performing some solid donuts. His run was cut short before he got into bonus due to a fire starting in the back of the truck. He would take over the lead, though, with a solid 18 points.

Steve Koehler then brought Wrecking Crew out, hoping to top his Team Scream teammate. Koehler would score some serious air, perform some donuts and be the first attempt to a cross thread move on the night. For his effort, he was given 18 points – tying him with Rummel.

Brad Allen then brought Mega Bite out, hoping to equal the performances of his teammates. He would put in a solid performance, though stalled with 17 seconds left. He would get 13 points for his effort.

Taryn Laskey kept the dog theme going, bringing her puppy – the Dalmatian – out of the dog pound. She’d continue to help raise the bar as some of her jumps looked higher than those who had gone before her. However, her run came to an end early as she put the puppy down for a nap with 12 seconds left. For her efforts, she’d score 16 points.

Trey Myers was looking to top the scores of those before him with Iron Warrior, though came up short with a score of 13 points.

Bob Robbins was next with Aftershock and he shocked the fans with the first wheelie of the night, as well as a nice small save off of the bus stack. As a result, he took the lead with 20 points.

Chuck Werner followed with his El Toro Loco bull and put on a show that included some wheelies, crossthreads with destruction and air included and a nice dance with the bull on two tires for a bit. He would score 23 points for his run.

Rod Schmidt would prepare to release the Rottweiler from the dog pound – but first, the dog had to be tempted. They teased the “dog” with a big white bone before tossing it on to the floor and letting him loose. Once loose, Schmidt got some air with the dog while pulling off the best donuts to that point in the competition. He’d run into problems, though, unable to run bonus time due to the truck shutting off at the end of regulation time. He got 17 points for his effort.

The last member of Team Scream Racing would be up next with Jim Koehler and Avenger. The two-time Freestyle Champion would deliver in his run, soaring to heights that other drivers had yet to hit during their runs, while performing the first cyclone of the weekend. His efforts would get paid off as he would score a solid 24 points for the lead.

“We keep pushing the envelope because you’re the best fans ever,” he said after his run.

Chad Tingler would be next with Grave Digger, looking to double down after scoring the racing win earlier in the event. He’d find the same height that Koehler found, though also performed a nice save off of the small van stack. As he landed, it came down on the two left side tires, then went over on to the two right side tires and just as it was about to go over, Tingler was able to get the truck to settle and land back on its wheels. For that performance, he’d get 25 points and take over the lead.

Cam McQueen looked to keep the trend of high scores going when he launched Northern Nightmare out of the gate. However, as he was landing from one of his high launches, the truck landed hard on the rear end and ripped a tire off. McQueen would continue and try to create more destruction, though got stuck in the soft dirt on one of the jumps. As a result, he would only score 10 points.

“It gets bigger and better each year,” he said afterwards. “We gotta make these parts up here in Canada so they’re stronger.”

Ryan Anderson and Son UVA Digger would be the last truck to go and it served to be the right move as you could say that they saved the best for last. Anderson attacked every end of the course, gaining high height off of many of the obstacles, while attacking them every which angle possible. Add in a top notch cyclone, Anderson was scored at 28 points for the win.


The Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour takes a week off before heading to Vancouver, British Columbia. For full details about the tour, check out http://www.monsterjamcanada.ca.

Also, the 2015 Rogers Centre dates have been announced – January 14th and 15th. Tickets are available already through Ticketmaster’s website at http://www.ticketmaster.ca.

Photos from the weekend are available at http://www.facebook.com/ashleymccubbin.media.