After an up and down start to the season, it was time for last year's champion Ryan Villopoto to get his swagger back as he picked up his third victory of the season. Villopoto would take the lead from Davi Millsaps on the first lap and never look back the rest of the night.

“It’s huge," Villopoto said. "The fun wasn’t there. Everybody knows this sport is stressful, but you need to still have fun with it. When you get a third, you got to be happy about getting a podium. We got to stop thinking that way and put ourselfs on that peddle stool and being bummed.” 

The win just adds to Villopoto's success in Dallas as he has never finished outside of the top five at Cowboy Stadium. 

Points leader Davi Millsaps would finish second despite being sick all week and not getting any practice.

"I really didn’t know what to expect," Millsaps said. "I may had been sick at the end of the week, but I just put my head down and pushed it, pushed it for those 20 laps.” 

Ryan Dungey would wound out the podium after making an aggressive stand-up pass on Chad Reed with six laps to go.

"It got to the point that I saw Villopoto gapping and I saw Davi gapping and knew I had to make a move and at least try to get by Davi," Dungey said talking about the pass. "I know it was aggressive, but I couldn’t wait any longer.” 

Chad Reed would wound up fourth with Justin Brayton rounding out the top five. It marks the first top five of 2013 for Brayton.

Justin Barcia would finish sixth after having to make his way into the main through the Last Chance Qualifier. 

Meanwhile, James Stewart would not start the main after winning his heat due a clutch issue.

"I was just sitting on the gate and something happened to the clutch," Stewart said. "It’s not these guy’s fault. They work hard. It’s just a freak accident. I just felt like it was my night. I’m sorry. We’re out of the points deal. I just feel bad for my fans and team.” 

Millsaps now leads Dungey by 21 points, with Villopoto sitting 24 points back.

The next event is next Saturday at the Georgia Dome.


450 Main Event Results:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  2. Davi Millsaps – SUZ
  3. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  4. Chad Reed – HON
  5. Justin Brayton – YAM
  6. Justin Barcia – HON
  7. Trey Canard – HON
  8. Matt Goerke – KTM
  9. Andrew Short – HON
  10. Broc Tickle – SUZ
  11. Weston Peick – HON
  12. Mike Alessi – SUZ
  13. Jim Albertson – HON
  14. Rob Kiniry – YAM
  15. Josh Hill – SUZ
  16. B Lamay – YAM
  17. J Sipes – KAW
  18. Kyle Partridge – HON
  19. Chris Blose – YAM
  20. James Stewart – SUZ

450 Point standings:

  1. Davi Millsaps – 154
  2. Ryan Dungey – 133
  3. Ryan Villopoto – 130
  4. Trey Canard – 119
  5. Chad Reed – 115
  6. Justin Barcia – 98
  7. Andrew Short – 95
  8. Justin Brayton – 83
  9. James Stewart – 75
  10. Matt Goerke – 69
  11. Broc Tickle – 68
  12. Mike Alessi – 49
  13. Jake Weimer – 48
  14. Josh Grant – 40
  15. Weston Peick – 39
  16. Kyle Chisholm – 37
  17. Matt Lemoine – 34
  18. Vince Friese – 30
  19. Jimmy Albertson – 29
  20. Rob Kiniry – 23