Last year as part of the 10th anniversary of Maximum Destruction, Tom Meents would bring a second truck with him and perform a back flip to get the crowd excited. The tradition continues this year as the 11-time Monster Jam World Champion had the second truck with him in Anaheim, California and performed a back flip midway through the show to get the fans excited. Though with the excitement across the board this weekend, how could you not be excited?

Meents didn't find himself winning tonight when it came to freestyle or racing in Anaheim as it was Carl Van Horn (Grave Digger) beating Kelvin Reimer (Time Fly's) for the racing win while Donald Epidendio (Titan) scored a shocking freestyle victory with 27 points. Madusa scored the second most points with 26.

In Greensboro, North Carolina, Gary Porter (Grave Digger) kept his impressive streak going with his fifth straight racing win after defeating Trey Meyers (Iron Warrior). Porter would go on to score his fouth straight freestyle with after scoring 27 points. When it came to the wheelies, though, Porter's 22 points were not enough as it was Bill Braukman (Shockwave) with 23 points and the win.

When Morgan Kane joined the Maximum Destruction team, the pressure was certainly on as everyone looked for him to perform. He has lived up to those expectations as he picked up his first stadium freestyle victory in Detroit, Michigan this past weekend. It also marked his fourth straight freestyle victory in a row after a highly impressive weekend last week. For racing, it was Lee O'Donnell (Iron Man) defeating Chad Tingler (Grave Digger) for the win.

If there was a track that caused the most carnage this weekend, the honor would go to Atlanta, Georgia. It all began in racing qualifying when Jim Koehler (Avenger) got up on two wheels. He tried to save it, though in the process went into the opposite racing lane as Chuck Werner (El Toro Loco) was coming that direction. The result was a collision that caused heavy damage to the both trucks; Koehler missed racing though would make it back out for freestyle. When it came to racing, it'd be Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger) defeating Bari Musawwir (Spider-man) for his second straight racing win. Neil Elliott, who was looking for his fourth straight racing victory behind the wheel of Maximum Destruction, failed to make it to the semi-finals. In freestyle, it was the younger Anderson - Ryan Anderson (Son-Uva-Digger) taking home the victory with 30 points after a high-flying run. Anderson soared over each of the obstacles before trying to knock the Monster Energy truck off the bus stack and flipping over. A video of his run is below.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Joey Parnell (Man of Steel) started the day off right as he won his fourth straight racing event with the win over Randy Brown (Grave Digger) in the finals of the afternoon show. However, the streak would be short lived as at the 7pm show, as Brown would return the favor, beating Parnell in the racing final. Steven Thompson (Hurricane Force) and Robert Parker (Predator) won the wheelie events, while Brown swept both Freestyle events. 

In Evansville, Indiana, David Smith (King Krunch) scored a pair of wheelie victories to give himself three wins in a row. Darron Basl (Nitro Hornet) also kept his streak going, winning both racing events for three straight wins in a row. The winning spirit carried over to Freestyle for Basl as he won both Freestyle events as well.

In Hildalgo, Texas, it was all about Lupe Soza (El Toro Loco) and Charlie Pauken (Grave Digger). Soza won both wheelie events while Pauken won both racing and freestyle events.

In Wichita, Kansas, John Seasock (Batman) started off the day right as he won the wheelie afternoon contest for his second straight wheelie win. Though when it came to the 7pm show, it was Jon Zimmer (Grave Digger) scoring the wheelie win. Zimmer had a solid weekend as he won the afternoon racing event to end Seasock's racing streak at four. Seasock got back on track, though, winning the 7pm racing event over Mitch Tulachka (Just Get Er Done). When it came to freestyle, Seasock won both freestyle events, ending Zimmer's streak at four.

Jay Snyder kept his streak going of winning as he won his second straight racing event in North Charleston, SC by defeating Zane Rettew (Stinger) in the finals. Dale Mitchell (Predator) won wheelies while Snyder doubled-down with the freestyle win.

For the fans in San Antonio, Texas, their show was all about Adam Anderson (Grave Digger: The Legend). Anderson started off the night by defeating Jim Creten (Bounty Hunter) for his third straight racing win and then scored 32 points for his third straight freestyle win. Pablo Huffaker (Grave Digger) was going for his fouth straight freestyle win, though fell short with 29 points.


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