This weekend marked a series of shows, including the first stop of the Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour.


In Tampa, Florida, it was Dennis Anderson taking his third straight racing win after beating Marc McDonald (El Toro Loco – Black) in the racing finale. In freestyle, Adam Anderson (Grave Digger The Legend) scored his fifth straight freestyle victory with 28 points. Though the memorable move of the night went to Tom Meents and Maximum Destruction following what could only be described as a “corkscrew backflip”.

In Albany, NY, Whit Tarlton (Monster Mutt) took the win with 25 points to Gary Porter (Grave Digger) and Steven Thompson (Hurricane Force)’s 24 points. Greg Winchenbach (Crushstation), who was looking for his fifth straight wheelie win, scored 21 points. Brandon Derrow (Bad News) took the racing win after beating Porter in the finals. Porter was looking for his seventh straight racing win. Porter then came out and won the donut competition with 29 points, marking his fourth straight donut win. Wichenbach finished off the night winning his third straight freestyle competition with 25 points to Porter’s 24 points.  

In Sacramento, California, Jon Zimmer (Grave Digger) kept the momentum going from Friday night as he scored his third straight wheelie victory. When it came to racing, it was John Seasock (Batman) defeating Joe Sylvester (Bad Habit) in the final for his third straight racing win. Zimmer then capped the night off with his second straight freestyle win with 25 points to Jim Creten (Bounty Hunter)’s 24 points.

In Milwaukee, the fans got treated to a pair of shows on Saturday. In the afternoon show, Trent Montgomery (Iron Outlaw) kicked off with 25 points for the wheelie win. Randy Brown (Grave Digger) then defeated Devin Jones (Barbarian) to take the racing win. Jones then repaid the favor by taking the freestyle win with 24 points. Brown, who was going for his fourth straight freestyle win, scored 21 points. In the evening show, Montgomery scored 22 points to score his second straight wheelie win. Mike Vaters Jr. (Overkill Evolution) then defeated Brown in the racing final to take the win. Devin Jones capped off the event with his second straight freestyle victory after winning the tiebreaker between him and Montgomery.

In Toronto, Ontario for the kickoff event of the 2014 Maple Leaf Monster Jam tour presented by Gumout, it was Ryan Anderson (Son UVA Digger) picking up the racing win after defeating Chad Tingler (Grave Digger) in the finals. In Freestyle, it was Neil Elliott (Maximum Destruction) scoring 27 points on the way to victory. The full report from the weekend is available at, with photos available at

In Houston, Texas, it was Lee O’Donnell (Iron Man) defeating Morgan Kane (Maximum Destruction) for his second straight racing win. Come freestyle, it was Frank Krmel (Cleatus) scoring the freestyle victory with 20 points. Morgan Kane, who was looking for his fifth straight freestyle win, scored 19 points.

In San Diego, California, Damon Bradshaw (Monster Energy) went for the double-down in dramatic fashion. He started off the nigh by beating Lindsey Weenk barely in the racing final, and then scored 26 points for the freestyle win. Weenk had a scary moment when he cartwheeled after the race was over, crashing into the metal barrier at the end of the track.


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