July 30th

We were invited to participate in a promotional event for Sauble Speedway on July 30th on Sauble Beach, one of the longest sandy beaches in North America.

We parked our car facing over 150 classic cars and hot rods. Someone asked me

If I would get around and see the cars in the show and I said yes, but I was wrong!

The race cars were so popular with the visitors that we were busy all night with kids and signing autographs, it was perhaps one of my busiest shows ever.

Kids big and small started coming to our car around 6:40 and never stopped until 9pm. It was amazing, but awesome for the track and our sponsors. We gave away 200 autograph cards, started the car twice making everyone jump, and many of books were given away as well.

Many fans wanted to ask questions about the car and the track. It was such an easy going time and one of my favourite of the over 200 our car has been involved in since the late 90’s. 

Unfortunately the weather did not co-operate on Wednesday night forcing Sauble Speedway to cancel the Dash for Cash.  I let track owner Jason Thom know that I would be back for the next race in 2 weeks. 

Sponsor of the Week

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