At the end of the three day ARCA Racing Series test at Daytona International Speedway, Sean Corr held the fifth quickest team on the drafting charts.

For a team that is entering their second year of competition, it meant a lot and they were excited about it.

Though team manager John Bellesfield wasn't completely satisfied as the car wasn't fast during single-car runs, only ranking 46th out of 53 on the overall chart.

“We can’t say we’re completely satisfied with the Daytona test,” Bellesfield said. “It just seems like Corr, no matter what we did, we could not get the car to respond in single-car runs. The frustration was obvious in the garage area, but that is just because these guys want to win. We know we have a team capable of doing so, we just need to go back and regroup.”

“The good thing is that we have a list a mile-long that we think that will help us a ton for the race,” he continued. “Sean did a good job communicating with the team and we appreciate his patience and support as we worked through what could only be described as a couple of discouraging days. We’re not going to let this test get us down though. We’re tough as nails and we will come back and be stronger than ever in a couple of weeks. Even though we had some bumps along the way, the track time was precious and we still learned a lot.”

Helping Corr getting things off the ground was Grant Enfinger, whose team ranked one and two in the draft speeds at the end of the three days.

“I appreciate Grant (Enfinger) stepping away from his roles here at Daytona to help us out,” Corr said. “His feedback was nearly identical to mine, so that made me feel good. It’s a test session and we were there to learn, so we’ll just go back to the shop and continue to work hard and I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Corr also seconded a lot of people's sentiments in saying the track is really smooth.

“You can literally eat a sandwich on the backstretch if you wanted too," he said. "It’s that smooth. In my eyes, it’s going to be a very intense race, but I am looking forward to every second of it.”

Next month when Corr starts the race, it will mark his second ever start at Daytona as Empire Racing plans on tackling the entire 2011 schedule.

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Photo Credit to Empire Racing