After purchasing a new McColl Racing Enterprises (M.R.E) car at the beginning of the season and working through the new car jitters, Florida resident Sean Grosman was able to make his way to the front of the field and score his first victory of the 2012 season. It marks the second career Late Model win for the driver of the No. 29 SMG Motorsports, Flagship Properties, Rylex Glass & Mirror, Landing Strip and For Your Eye Only Late Model. It also marked a one-two finish for Walters Motorsports as Tom Walters would finish second.

In the first heat, it’d be Chris Morrow driving his No. 11 Morrow Electric and CGS Rental Late Model to his fifth heat win of 2012. Mike Bentley finished second, followed by Frank Davey, Taylor Holdaway and Sean Cronan.

In the second heat, it’d be Scott Beatty driving his No. 88 Late Model to his fifth heat of the season. Walters finished second, followed by Cornelius, Billy Zardo and Dario Capirchio.

The third heat would be won by Mike Bentley for his sixth heat win of the 2012 season behind the wheel of his No. 51 Bentley Motorsports Late Model. Morrow would finish second, followed by Holdaway, Cronan and Davey.  

In the final heat, it’d be Walters in his No. 47 M.R.E Mustang winning his eighth heat of the season. Cornelius finished second, followed by Capirchio, Beatty and Jason Witty.

When it came time for the feature, it’d be Frank Davey starting on pole, behind the wheel of his No. 49 Fleetbrake Ontario Late Model, followed by Dario Capirchio, Jason Witty, Sean Grosman, Billy Zardo, Taylor Holdaway, Chris Morrow, Scott Beatty, Sean Cronan, Kevin Cornelius, Mike Bentley, Tom Walters, Bruce Rankin, Ernie Fumerton, Keith Maiato and Gary Elliott.

On the drop of the green flag, Capirchio would grab the lead behind the wheel of his No. 03 Dare Racing and Innisfil Machine and Welding Late Model while Davey battled with Grosman for second. Grosman would complete the pass on Davey for second on lap four while Zardo and Witty battled for fourth behind them.

The first caution came out on lap eight when Morrow would break something on his late model, making contact with Holdaway, collecting Maiato. Morrow would be done for the night while both Holdaway and Maiato would be able to continue.

At that point, it was Capirchio leading over Grosman, Davey, Witty, Zardo, Cornelius, Beatty, Walters, Bentley, Cronan, Elliott, Rankin, Maiato, Holdaway and Fumerton.

On the restart, there’d be another caution as Bentley would have a flat tire after contact from Walters. The two drivers came in to the night separated by 16 points for first place.

On the second attempt at a restart, Capirchio would jump out ahead of Grosman, Davey and Witty while Zardo and Cornelius battled side-by-side for fifth. Bentley would also bring his car back down pit road due to the damage.

Cornelius would not be able to get by Zardo as Zardo would get alongside Witty for fourth, leaving Cornelius to battle with Beatty for sixth.

On lap 13, Grosman would get alongside Capirchio for the lead though a caution would come out the next lap for Zardo’s flat tire in turns three and four after contact from Beatty. They’d go back a lap in scoring and at that time, Grosman was scored the leader so he’d get restart on the inside of the front row. Capirchio would get to restart second, followed by Witty, Davey, Cornelius, Walters, Cronan, Elliott, Holdaway, Maiato and Rankin.

On the restart, it’d be Grosman jumping out in the lead, ahead of Capirchio and Witty while Davey and Walters battled for fourth.

The caution would then come out at lap 15 at the halfway mark for Holdaway spinning Elliott in turn three.

On the restart, Grosman would jump out once again ahead of Capirchio and Witty, leaving Davey and Walters to battle for fourth. Walters would get by Davey on lap 17 and begin to look for a way by Witty for third while Cornelius looked to pass Davey for fifth.

On lap 18, Walters would move up to third past Witty and begin to look for a way around Capirchio for second while Cornelius got by Davey for fifth and began to look for a way by Witty for fourth. On lap 19, Walters would get by Capirchio for second while Cornelius would pass Witty for fourth on lap 20.

On lap 22, Davey would begin to look for a way around Witty for fifth, completing the pass on lap 24. Witty would then fall back another position when Beatty would pass him for sixth. Then on lap 28 when Davey got loose, Beatty would move up to the fifth position.

At the checkered flag, it’d be Sean Grosman crossing the line first with his second feature top five of 2012. Tom Walters would finish second for his 11th top 10 in 11 starts this season with Dario Capirchio third with his third top five of 2012. Kevin Cornelius was fourth for his eighth top five of 2012 with Scott Beatty completing the top five.

Frank Davey finished sixth, followed by Jason Witty, Taylor Holdaway, Sean Cronan and Billy Zardo.

As a result, Tom Walters continues to lead the point standings, now 47 points ahead of Mike Bentley and 48 points ahead of Kevin Cornelius.

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