Florida resident Sean Grosman would hold Taylor Holdaway off in the 30 lap feature at Sunset Speedway to pick up his first win of the season and become the seventh different Late Model feature winner.

There was a pair of cautions during the first heat. The first came out on lap one when Mike Bentley spun Dave Barlett while the pair ran three-wide mid-pack. Barlett would pull his late model pit side with a flat tire. Then on lap three, Bentley would spin Nick Goetz.

Andy Kamrath would drive his No. 35 AM Roofing, All-Star Wings & Ribs, Bailey Metal Products Limited, ImageWraps.ca and Streamline Race Products Mustang to victory lane, barely beating Tom Walters to the line. Taylor Holdaway finished third, followed by Grosman, Bentley, Scott Beatty, Anthony Simone, Billy Zardo, Goetz and Jr. Farnley.

In the second heat, Steve Laking made contact with Frank Davey, causing Davey to spin. Behind them, Derek Frohlich would get sideways and made considerable contact with the side of Herb Walters’ car. Walters’ crew would patch the right side back together before the next heat, while Frohlich was done for the night.

Chris Morrow won the heat behind the wheel of his No. 11 Morrow Electric/CRS Rental Late Model, ahead of Gary Elliott, Ernie Fumerton, Steve Laking, Lane Zardo, Dwayne Baker, Bruce Rankin, Frank Davey and John Mitchell.

Billy Zardo won the third heat behind the wheel of the No. 46 Holmes on Homes, National Exhaust and Smart Screen Late Model ahead of Bentley, Goetz, Tom Walters, Simone, Beatty, Holdaway, Grosman, Kamrath and Farnley.

Dwayne Baker won the final heat behind the wheel of his No. 48 Centennial Chrysler, Baker Performance Parts, Zancor Homes, Canadian Towing Equipment, Clearview Heating & Cooling, and Air Liquide Late Model ahead of Lane Zardo, Morrow, Rankin, Elliott, Herb Walters, Davey, Fumerton and Laking.

In the feature, Bruce Rankin would start pole in his No. 55 Rankin’s Automotive Late Model ahead of Gary Elliott, Ernie Fumerton, Chris Morrow, Taylor Holdaway, Sean Grosman, Billy Zardo, Lane Zardo, Andy Kamrath, Dwayne Baker, Tom Walters, Mike Bentley, Scott Beatty, Anthony Simone, Nick Goetz, Steve Laking, Frank Davey, Herb Walters, Jr Farnley, Dave Bartlett and John Mitchell.

Rankin and Elliott (No. 36 Quaker State, JDS Insurance, Lincoln Electric, Auto Spa, Timber Green Landscape and Grind Stone Landscape Late Model) would battle side-by-side for the lead on lap one while Grosman, Holdaway and Fumerton battled three-wide behind them. Morrow, who was third, would make it a three-wide battle for the lead on lap three with Rankin and Elliott with Elliott grabbing the advantage on lap four. Rankin then battled with Grosman for second, with Grosman grabbing second on lap five. By lap seven, Rankin was kicked all the way back to sixth position with Holdaway, Billy Zardo and Kamrath also slipping by.

Back at the front, Grosman grabbed the lead from Elliott on lap eight. Elliott then slipped back to third on lap 11 after being passed by Holdaway. By lap 19, Elliott was back to sixth with Tom Walters, Billy Zardo, Kamrath and Baker also slipping by. Laking would bring his Late Model down pit road on lap 20.

With nine laps to go, the top five ran single-file with Grosman leading Tom Walters, Billy Zardo, Kamrath and Baker while Elliott and Bentley battled for sixth. Bentley passed Elliott on lap 24, with Morrow following suit on lap 25. Also that lap, a battle would erupt for the fourth position between Kamrath and Baker, with Baker giving Kamrath a shot with five laps to go. Kamrath would straighten his Late Model, managing to retain his position inside of the top five. Baker would give Kamrath another shot the next lap, yet once again Kamrath saved it.

At the front, Sean Grosman led the final laps to score his first victory of the season. Taylor Holdaway finished second followed by Tom Walters, Billy Zardo and Andy Kamrath.

Mike Bentley finished sixth, followed by Dwayne Baker, Chris Morrow, Ernie Fumerton and Gary Elliott.

Bruce Rankin finished 11th followed by Anthony Simone, Scott Beatty, Nick Goetz, Lane Zardo, Herb Walters, Frank Davey and Jr Farnley.