No matter the place the track that Shawn Chenoweth goes to, everybody knows he's going to be a threat. But going into Wedneday night, he had yet to find victory lane at Sauble Speedway. That all changed as he was able to win the Dash for Cash Thunder Car feature.


In the first heat, Sauble's own Joe Adams taking the win, followed by Shawn McGlynn, Dan McIvor, Shawn Chenoweth and Shawn Arnott.

In the second heat, Kent Crucikshank took the win, followed by Kevin Albers, Matt Mulholland, Ken Grubb and Billy Zardo.

In the third heat, Chenoweth would take the win, followed by Arnott, Adams, McIvor and McGlynn.

In the fourth heat, Grubb would win, followed by Zardo, Cruickshank, Albers and Ron Lawrence.


In the feature, it'd be Kent Cruickshank starting on pole, followed by Joe Adams, Shawn Chenoweth, Kevin Albers, Dan McIvor, Kevin Grubb, Shawn Arnott and Billy Zardo.

Adams would jump out to the early lead, ahead of Cruickshank, Chenoweth and Grubb while Albers and McIvor battled for fifth. Albers would keep McIvor behind him, keeping the fifth position.

The first caution would come out at lap eight for McGlynn going for the spin, virtue of McIvor. They'd both be sent to the rear so it'd be Adams leading Cruickshank, Chenoweth, Grubb, Alber, Zardo and Matt MulHolland.

On the restart, it'd be Adams jumping out to the lead while Chenoweth passed Cruickshank for second as MulHolland took Grubb and Zardo three-wide for sixth. Grubb would get the sixth position, followed by MullHolland and Zardo. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Adams now led Chenoweth while Cruickshank battled with Albers for third. Albers would get by Cruickshank for third on lap 12, followed by Grubb passing Cruickshank for fourth on lap 13 and MulHolland completing the pass by Cruickshank for fifth on lap 15. 

So at lap 15, it was Adams continuing to lead Chenoweth, Albers, Grubb, MulHolland, Arnott, Zardo and Cruickshank. Cruickshank would pass Zardo for position at lap 16.

On lap 18, MulHolland would get by Grubb for fourth as Grubb fell back to seventh, moving Arnott up to fifth and Cruickshank up to sixth. MulHolland would continue his climb, passing Albers for third on lap 22.

On lap 23, Chenoweth would get alongside Adams for the lead, completing the pass on lap 24.

With 13 laps to go at lap 27, it was now Chenoweth leading Adams, MulHolland, Albers, Arnott, Cruickshank, Grubb and Zardo.

On lap 32, MulHolland would get alongside Adams for second, completing the pass on lap 33.

Matt MulHolland would run out of laps to catch Chenoweth as Shawn Chenoweth would pick up his first Sauble checkerd flag. Matt MulHolland got second, followed by Joe Adam, Shawn Arnott and Kevin Albers. Kent Cruickhank got sixth, followed by Grubb, Zardo, McGlynn and McIvor.