The Spira Team was kept busy doing bolt checks and preparing the cars for back to back races this weekend. It’s a good thing that the #86 was given a thorough look over as there were numerous bolts that had backed off or were missing entirely. Billy had complained during the last race that he was hearing some funny noises coming from the car despite it running good in the feature. Just to be sure, Billy and Ken took the car to Tuesdays practice session at Flamboro Speedway to scuff in a set of tires for Sunset Speedway and to confirm that they had everything ship shape for the big weekend ahead. Scotty also brought his car out for practice as he too was scuffing new tires for the trip to Sunset.

Samantha was loose in the centre - off during the only practice session as the track tried to hurry the show along, only to find that they had progressed too quickly so they added some intermissions to help their concession sales. Billy’s #86 was tight in the centre, Scotty was loose off and Wade was happy with his #22 Plasti-Kote Ford. A smaller than usual field lined up for their heat races with Scotty and Wade in the first race, where the #44 started 5th and the #22 at the back. Scott nicely moved up to 3rd on the first lap and then got by the #32 into the lead on the second, as Wade had made his way up to 6th. Scotty did a great job not to overdrive the car and was able to hold off the #13 and #15 who were hot on his tail throughout the final laps. Wade came across the line in 5th as Scotty took his first win as a rookie in the competitive mini-stock class. Sam and Billy lined up in the second heat race where Samantha started 6th and Billy 9th, at the back of the field. The first lap consisted of tight side by side racing with Billy taking advantage of the inside lane to move ahead and eventually catch Sam by the half way mark. Sam put up a battle for the more seasoned driver in the #86, however succumbed to the Guelph Wish Fund for Children Ford putting Billy 4th and Samantha 5th. The top four lined up nose to tail to finish without a change in order and Samantha dug deep to hold off the #47, to finish 5th.

The only car requiring minor adjustments prior to the feature was the #81. Sam “The Grill Killer” Shaw had made contact with a car ahead of her and required some repairs to the front grill. Sam had
replaced the front grill weekly and it did not look like she was going to get through this week either. After the grill repair, the crew went to work bleeding the brakes on the #81. It was thought that since Sam was having such issues with damage to the front end, that it may be the brakes that were not working as required to prevent the damage. The brake system was topped up with quality Gunk
Brake fluid and Samantha was good to go for the feature. Scotty lined up 2nd, Wade 6th, Samantha 8th and Billy in 11th out of 20 cars. The #37 got crossed up at the green flag to bring out the caution and a complete restart. Scott led the first lap and Wade moved up to 3rd as Billy went three wide to move up through the field towards the front on the second lap. The three wide plan did not work out well in the long run as the #01 got spooked, hit the outside wall, made contact with the #44, and causing a big wreck , collecting the balance of the Spira cars in the process. Wade took the biggest hit and had to be towed off the track with a damaged steering rack, Billy came into the pits with a flat right rear tire and damage to the left front corner. The crew quickly went to work replacing the tire on the #86 and taped up the damage so Billy could return to the track. Scott and Samantha remained on the track with minimal damage. All three cars quickly headed back up through traffic and by lap 10, Samantha was in 8th with Billy challenging her for the position in 9th and Scotty in 14th. Billy continued to move forward and finished the feature in a strong 4th place finish, Samantha maintained her 8th place position as she crossed the line and Scotty had a strong run to finish 13th.

Next up for the Spira Team is their second night of racing in as many days as they make the trip north to Sunset Speedway on Sunday May 27th where the gates open at 2:30pm and racing starts at 4:00pm for a 35 lap invitational