A 70% chance of rain was in the forecast as the Spira‐Gunk Team polished the cars and readied them for “Meet the Drivers Night” at Flamboro Speedway. With only one race scheduled on the weekend, and the cars ready to go after changing three of the four cars over throughout the week from the last race at Sunset Speedway, the team was well rested and ready to go if the weather cooperated.

The weather looked sketchy as the Team arrived at the track and after just one practice session, the rain arrived. Several attempts were required to dry the track and after a considerable delay the cars lined up for their heat races. Jake started 4th as the only Spira‐RNR Cycle car in the first heat and it looked like he was going to the front by moving up to 2nd on the first lap. The second lap saw Jake get moved to the outside where he lost a position and then a train of cars moved to his inside, putting him back to 6th by the end of the ten lap race. 

Samantha started 5th with Scotty 6th in the second heat where Scott got a good run on the first lap and went by Samantha into 4th. The #71 was coming through the field towards the front and went by Sam as she fell to 7th, and then by Scott putting him 5th at the half way mark. Scott ran three laps side by side with the #18 until the #18 took the position along with the #61 putting Scott 6th. On the last lap with Sam behind him, Scott got by the #61 to gain a position and finish 5th as Samantha raced with the #61 for position at the line but finished 7th. Billy started 2nd in the last heat and moved out front on the first lap, followed by the #13 and #31. Billy continued out front throughout the race and despite the rain that started on the final three laps to make the cars slide out of the corners, held on for the win. 

After more off and on rain that delayed the event even longer, the late models managed to get their heat races in meaning there would be no rain check issued for the following week. Despite cancelling the autograph session for the few wet fans that remained in order to make up some lost time, the rain returned before the cars lined up for the feature. After a great many cars loaded up and went home, the speedway finally cancelled the rest of the show, and in an attempt to compensate the teams for the drawn out night of getting wet, the track announced that double features would be run the following weekend.

Next up for the Spira Team will be another double race weekend starting with Jake and Samantha heading to Flamboro Speedway in the #22 and #81 on Saturday June 29th for the first of two races at the Speedway, while Billy and Scotty head to Sauble Speedway for the first Sunset to Sauble “Home‐Home Series”. Pit gates open at 4:00pm, the grandstand gates at 5:00pm, qualifying at 6:30 and racing begins at 8:00pm at Flamboro as the pits open at 3:00pm, the grandstand gates at 5:00pm, qualifying at 6:00pm and racing begins at 7:00pm at Sauble Speedway. Scotty, Samantha and Billy will rejoin Jake at Flamboro Speedway on Sunday June 30th for the second race