There was plenty of work to do at the shop to repair major damage to the #22 from last Sunday as well as minor damage to the #44 and #81, however the #86 crew had to miss one night of helping as they headed to Sauble Speedway for the Wednesday Dash for Cash Invitational. The four person crew of Ken & Carol, Adam, Samantha and driver Billy arrived at the track late in the afternoon to light showers that were forecast to leave later in the day. 

Billy was the first to try out the slick track and after many laps of sliding through the corners,
others joined in to help dry the track. Once the track was dry, Billy went out for his practice
session and was very happy with the handling of the car. The team had set it up to match
exactly what they had the last time that they were at the track that produced a win in the
Sunset to Sauble Home and Home Series.

Billy lined up for his first of two scheduled heat races, where he started second, behind the
#36. Billy piloted the #86 to the front of the field by the end of the first lap where he was able
to keep the #36 behind him until the half way mark. With a light rain returning, the back end of
the #86 Nuco Ford started to slide while exiting the corners as the front wheel drive #36 was
able to keep his car low and had better grip. The #36 took over up front and Billy followed to
finish second, three car lengths behind the winner but well ahead of the 3rd place car.

Multiple attempts were made to get the remaining heat races in, however the rain would not cooperate as every time they got the track dry, a light drizzle would return to make it too slick to race. After a few hours of attempting to get in the event and the teams having time to visit the concession stands for some food, the track officials gave up trying to fight mother nature and the Dash for Cash special was cancelled. 

Next up for the Spira ‐ Wix Filter Team is another double weekend starting with a return trip to Flamboro Speedway on Saturday August 3rd. If the #22 is repaired on time, Jake may join Samantha and Scott at Flamboro, however Billy has been asked to drive as a substitute driver in the Outlaw Modified class at Varney Speedway. Pit gates open at 4:00pm, the grandstands at 5:00pm, qualifying at 6:30pm and racing begins at 8:00pm. The Team will have some choices the following day as some could return to Flamboro Speedway or go to Sunset Speedway as both tracks are running invitational races. Flamboro Speedway times will be the same as Saturday and Sunset Speedway will open the pits at 12:00pm, grandstand gates at 5:00pm and racing begins at 6:30pm.